Meet Dr. Kim Schulze

Dr. Kimberly A. Schulze is a Professor in St. Cloud State University’s Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program. Dr. Schulze received her Ph.D. in Special Education from Utah State University in 1990. Dr. Schulze has been involved in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for over 30 years.

Dr. Schulze is most proud of starting the distance ABA online program in 2002 along with Dr. Rudrud (professor emeritus).

Dr. Schulze was originally drawn to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis by her undergraduate advisor who was a student of Don Baer at the University of Kansas.

Dr. Schulze’s intervention expertise/area of expertise is Autism Spectrum Disorder, teacher training, social skills training, and distance teaching.

A fun fact about Dr. Schulze: One of the first ABA master’s graduates of the SCSU program. We had an operant lab with pigeons and rats back in the day.

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