First Year Feature: Danielle Vesel

Meet Danielle Vesel, she started graduate school in August 2019, making her one of our bright and shining “first years” in the SCSU Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program!

Danielle holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

In her two years at UW – Eau Claire, she spent extensive time working with typically developing children and those diagnosed with ASD. These experiences were gained through an on-campus internship and through in-home work she did as a therapist.  Danielle cites these experiences as what solidified her desire to work in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and pursue the skills, training, and degree necessary to be a confident and qualified practitioner.

Since coming to SCSU in August, Danielle has become the president of the Student Organization of Behavior Analysis (SOBA). SOBA hosts monthly meetings that welcome undergraduate and graduate students interested in Behavior Analysis, providing them with engaging content about ABA, navigating an ABA education, and connecting interested students with career or internship opportunities related to ABA. Danielle has also attended the MNABA conference since coming to SCSU and making plans to attend the ABAI conference this spring!

Danielle’s goals in continuing her education involve refining and expanding her current skills to become a better leader and more critically thinking therapist.

Danielle is most proud of being involved in a degree dedicated to helping individuals be successful.

A fun fact about Danielle is: She likes to teach her cat, Remi, tricks AND is wonderful at it!

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