Our Masters Program

Pictured are all of the first year students attending the on-campus program. Front row (L to R): Emilie Olson, Danielle Vesel, Karen Her, Zoe Cosato, and Naomi Ziegler. Back row (L to R): Averi Wright, Meghan Minor, Amanda Schoer, and Vanessa Hiley.

The St. Cloud State Applied Behavior Analysis Program is a two year program that prepares students to sit for the national Board Certified Behavior Analyst exam. During the first year of their program, students will spend a majority of their time in the classroom. Students will start by learning about the basics of behavior analysis and practicing some of these principles learned in a laboratory setting, while also receiving substantial training on the ABA code of ethics. These classroom and laboratory learning opportunities prepare the students for their practicum-heavy second year.

Pictured are a few of the “Second Years” that help with the ABA clinic. Front to back: Kelsey Loeffler, Kelly Berth, Sam Wanner, Chelsea Montag, and Josh Westphal.

Students in their second year will still take classes, but a majority of their time will be spent on site under the supervision of a currently licensed BCBA or similarly qualified professional. During this time, the second year students will either be preparing to take a comprehensive exam or working on their thesis under the supervision of a current faculty member. Students opting to go the thesis route will discuss methods of their study, procedures, practical and ethical dilemmas, etc. with the faculty member of their choice; the student usually chooses a professor who has a similar professional or research experience/interest. After a student has completed their second year in the SCSU ABA program, they will have passed all of the prescribed coursework, received their master’s degree in ABA, and completed 1,500+ hours of supervision by a licensed BCBA. Meeting all of these criteria allow the student to sit for the board certification exam and practice as a licensed BCBA upon passing. The SCSU ABA master’s program is one of the best in the country, boasting a 100% pass rate.

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