Second Year Feature- Kelsey

Meet Kelsey! 

She is another second year student at St. Cloud State in the ABA program. Kelsey received her undergraduate Psychology degree at University of Wisconsin- River Falls. She has also worked at a center for children with Autism Spectrem Disorder (ASD) for three years. While working at this clinic she started to show an interest in the field of ABA. She is currently doing in-home therapy for children diagnosed with ASD while working towards her master’s degree. 

Kelsey chose to come to St. Cloud State because her coworkers encouraged her to check out the master’s program. She says that she thought the program would be easier than it is, but she could not be happier at SCSU and is also learning so much more than she ever imagined. All the professors want students from the ABA program to come out of it with as much knowledge and experience as possible, and because of this all the class work can be challenging at times, which is why Kelsey says one of her biggest accomplishments so far has been making it through the first year of the program. 

A not-so-fun fact about Kelsey is that her laptop crashed during finals her first semester in the program, so now she prints all her work or has it on one of many flash drives, so she never loses it again. She also prints out every article from class (which can be up to 10 a week) and loves to use highlighters to pick out the most important information. 


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