An amazing field trip

  At Nov. 07th, 3rd grade students and teachers went to San John’s for field trip ,we spent a very good time together.  All of the students were so excited to go into the forest though it’s so cold outside.

  The theme of the field trip is seeds. A teacher introduced  a lot of seeds we can find in this area, then she gave every students a box, let them put seeds they found into the box. Every students are so excited to find all kinds of seeds as much as they can, and they are all full harvest. They show me what they found and I said I am so proud of them.

After that, we saw the beautiful lake, frozen in the law temperature. The view in the winter is so special, and I really like it. Finally, tired but happy, we head back to school.

I think it’s so good for students to have a field trip, and they really can learn something , something we can’t teach at classroom. I hope I can have another chance to go to field trip with students.

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