An amazing experience at Apollo high school

Today, I went to Apollo, to observe the deaf&hard of hearing class. The teacher I followed named Brianna, she is such a nice and sweet teacher, I like her so much. She is the only deaf teacher here, they have 5 deaf and hard of hearing students in Apollo, Brianna teach them one on one.

The first class is for a Somalia deaf girl. She is still learn English and ASL, so what she learn is very basic English words and  sentences, when she trying to do the paper, she have to practice some ASL at the same time. I think the lesson is so useful for her, and she really learn it very well. That class is easier for me to follow, and we really had a great time together.

The second class is for a deaf and brain paralysis boy. He’s always so happy though he even can’t walk very well. He have a a interpreter, she help me to translate, so I can understand everything and that’s so awesome. He’s lesson is read a very easy book, see the picture and sign the color. It’s a very interesting class.

It’s so nice to observe the class at Apollo, but the most important problem for me is still the language. After so many time did’t practice my ASL, it’s much hard for me to follow the teacher. Because high school is not like elementary school, what they learn is much harder. Next class we are reading an article about loan, and when she’s teaching I basically can’t understand everything. That’s made me feel sad, but it let me know I still need to learn more ASL, and I need to work harder. Hope I can make a progress!

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