Current writing technology in school and work

Oh wow! I really had to think about this for a minute. Technology is all around me every single second of the day. When I was in undergrad at the University of South Florida, I spent a lot of time on my computer, either personal or in the classroom. I also had to use some computer programs (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign) to work on posters and projects for class. The technology environment on a computer in a classroom feels like a workspace. Plain, bland and no excitement. At least with my laptop, I have designs on my computer and some type of incentive for me to actually do my work. When I graduated and moved into the working world, I see that the technology is structured with some flexibility. At my last job, I worked a lot with social media and designs. The purpose was to have people come out to events and regular programming that our non-profit was holding to raise money. When I had to start using Facebook again for work, I felt a little out of place. Only because I haven’t used the social media site in 6 years. When I got acclimated to Facebook again, it felt like a little kid riding a bicycle. I had to look at various pages on how to post and analyze whose looking at our pages. This also comes in with the logos and design of each event. I had printed posters all over my cubicle highlighting each event and what is was shaped towards a certain audience. Moving forward, I would like to see how much I would evolve using more of my digital writing in the classes I will teach after the Master’s program. I really want to see an impact towards the students I’m serving.

Using a new tool or technology (90s flashback)

I remember back when I was in elementary school, when our class had a project, we had to save all of our information on this square looking contraption: A floppy disk. I had flashback memories when I looked up a picture to post on my blog. I remember I had to learn to use in around 1997 or 1998. I thought that this was the coolest thing ever. But then again, I had to think to myself why I had to carry around such a sized memory disk with me. It was a little difficult at first, but I got used to it after the first assignment. Also, since floppy disks were cheap back then, my mom bought a lot for my brother and I to use for school. Even though floppy disks are no more (or possibly a function somewhere), I think that this was one of the first introduction to technology for me when I was a kid.


Breaking the Barriers in Technology and Special Education

Today’s article: 

As we move into more advanced technology to use for our students, some people forget to talk about students in special education. This includes students who may have educational and other barriers (dyslexia, communication disorders, physical disabilities) to overcome. As I piece together what I want to have in my teaching statement, I would like to briefly explain why technology will benefit students in special education.

For one, students that have various issues in school will need some excellent technology capabilities to assist them in their journey. According to the article The Use of Technology in Special Education: Application and Solutions, “the best possible outcome can be guaranteed by the use of custom-made solutions designed according to the requirement of a particular group of students.” It’s important to look at your students and know what they can handle and independently perform work.

The article talks about having touch screens in the education arena. I think that this would be useful for individuals who have ADHD and other educational challenges. This will enable them to interact with the text and lessons more engaging and personable.

Screen readers are excellent for students who may have vision issues and may need that extra support in their lessons.

It’s really interesting to look at how to accommodate students with physical disabilities and looking at cost and making sure its user-friendly. I highly encourage anyone to look at this article if you’re going to work with any student in special education.

Research article about Technology Use

In my quest of crafting the perfect philosophy statement for this upcoming assignment, I stumbled upon this research paper written by a Ph.D student at Arkansas State University. They discuss about the positives about technology in the classroom. In one community, every students uses a laptop in the classroom and the return effect causes motivation and independent research from the student. 

New Technology in College Classrooms

I am still in the early phases on what I want to incorporate into my Teachnology Philosophy Statement and I came across this wonderful article that was just published yesterday. This article talks about 5 new technology mediums that can be used in college classrooms:

  • Google Docs
  • Anatomage Table
  • JAWS
  • Smart Sparrow
  • Microsoft Surface Hubs

I am very familiar with using Google Docs because I used this forum in several in my undergrad classes about 5 years ago. Google Docs is very helpful when you’re in a group project and each person wants to contribute different ideas at anytime.

I never heard of JAWS but after reading the description, I would also use this as well who may have disabilities or vision challenges. 

Teaching a new generation about technology in class

There is a lot of technology that can be used in a composition and/or literature class. As an African American student, I feel that I can use a lot of technology in the classroom for students who may have educational challenges when looking at grammar or even reading a story in class. One of things I would like to learn this semester would like to be the following:

  • How to fulfill educational standards to minority students in class using technology?
  • How has technology changed in the last 10 years?
  • What will be some of the challenges/barriers when students get access to technology?

I remember when in the early 2000s, I took various online classes on the computer and that involved having a computer and/or access to a computer to submit assignments and view online material. I grew up low middle class and still had struggles focusing and accessing essential technological devices for my success.

I am really thinking about what I want to put into my Teachnology Philosophy Statement. I know one thing I will put into my statement would be, “Every student will have the opportunity to engage and analyze various technology devices that will be used in my class this year”. In addition to teaching high school English, I am especially interested in teaching special education for middle and high school students.


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