July 29

How to Design Standards-Based Online Courses

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David Raths wrote for Campus Technology about two universities that use Quality Matters rubric and how it helped specific faculty members benefit from it.

Bethany Simunich, director of online pedagogy and research at Kent State Online (OH) shares about her institution using QM: “…there are key benefits to designing a whole course upfront. In a face-to-face course, designing and teaching are more merged. You can make more changes on the fly. “With online teaching you have to design it all out ahead of time, and that is the thing that QM helps with so much,” she said. It helps faculty think through not just the pedagogical design, but also about things specific to the online classroom — creating a good course structure and good navigation; inserting the teaching presence into the course; and having students create their own social presence. “I need to purposefully think about all those things before my course begins,” Simunich added. “The QM rubric goes through all of that to make sure I have all the facets of my course. When I design an online course, I think about the entire design before the course begins. When it starts, I concentrate on teaching.”

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