March 29

3Play Media Upcoming Webinars

webinar: Quick Start to Captioning

Quick Start to Captioning

Watch this webinar to learn the basics of how to add closed captions to online video to make it fully accessible, searchable, and SEO-friendly. This webinar covers Section 508 and ADA accessibility compliance, creation of closed captions, explanation of caption formats and video player compatibility, as well as an overview of automated workflows and integration with lecture capture and video platforms.
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Webinar: Who Should Be Involved in Your Campus' IT Initiative

Webinar: Who Should Be Involved in Your Campus’ IT Initiative

In this webinar, Rob Carr, the Accessibility Coordinator at Oklahoma ABLE Tech, will present on the various jobs and responsibilities that are required in implementing a well-rounded accessibility program. He’ll also provide you with the necessary tools to begin conversations for a campus-wide accessibility initiative.
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webinar: 15 Years After an OCR Suit

15 Years After an OCR Suit: NC State’s Accessibility Refresh

In 1999, NC State University resolved a suit from the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR). But what does accessibility at NC State University look like 15 (actually 17) years later? In this session, Grey Reavis (University IT Accessibility Coordinator) and Rebecca Sitton (Assistive Technology Coordinator) will look at how they are creating a proactive strategy to address the current risk areas on campus.
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webinar: How the University of Maryland Implemented a Campus-Wide IT Accessibility Plan

How the University of Maryland Implemented a Campus-Wide IT Accessibility Plan

In this webinar, Ana Palla-Kane (IT Accessibility Specialist) and Susan Johnston (Instructional Designer) will dive into the design and implementation of their IT accessibility plan, providing an inside look into the University of Maryland’s own strategies and structure. They will discuss the specific steps taken by the Division of IT in designing and implementing the plan, as well as provide insight into first-year successes and challenges.
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webinar: Captioning the 3Play Way

Captioning the 3Play Way

Join us to learn more about 3Play Media’s closed captioning process, services, tools, and standards. In this webinar, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder Josh Miller will address how 3Play Media can help make your videos fully accessible, searchable, and more engaging for all viewers.
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