April 6

Please give us your feedback

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Which of the following categories would you like to see in the A.T.T.N! blog?

Please check all that apply.

What other categories/sections would you like to see?

Please explain.

How do you like the format and style of the A.T.T.N! blog?

Please tell us how you think the format and/or style could be improved.

Would you be interested in contributing occasional articles or authoring a monthly column/section?

If you answered "Yes," please tell us your ideas below.

2 thoughts on “Please give us your feedback

  1. sp4869aw

    I have no idea how to access the webex on importing grades from D2L to e-services. I keeps taking me to a place to download an app. I did that, but nothing is happening. This is not at all helpful.

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