animation for education

there is an email exchange today on the Educause hybrid/online listserv regarding the use of easy video animation software for educational purposes:
The choices so far are:
Camtasia (good, but pricy)
All of the choices require license. I have added to the bottom of that blog entry a link to the IMS blog information (keyword to search the blog is “animation”), including Powtoon:

Powtoon still allows you limited, but free version of their application.

If you are interested in creating arresting instructional videos, please let us know

notes meeting Jan 20

Minutes from Jan. 20 meeting.

We discussed different aspects around the technology and methodology of discussions.
Faculty voiced their issues with D2L discussions, namely the inability to open all messages from a thread (one has to keep clicking on each message).
Social media (e.g. Facebook Group wall) was offered as an alternative, whereas not only the entirety of the conversation can be caught, but other advantages of the modern social media platforms can be taken advantage of, versus a conceptually aging CMS such as D2L.

Here is a suitable substitution of D2L discussions: Slack – This is information is reflected on the “Resources” page of this blog as well as in the IMS blog (just type “Slack” in the search box). For more information, please ask.

Skype issues

If you are using Skype for your online activities, you might be aware of :

  • screen sharing is randomly taken off and restored in the last two weeks
  • skype has issues with voice connection. the known fix is to restart your computer

Here is a link, where you can check the status:

this is Skype owned and thus, I do not consider it entirely trustworthy.
You might want to consider also:

If you know more reliable reference cite, pls do share.

minutes from the hybrid meeting

  1. people who met today shared their approach to blended learning. We discussed probably equally tools / technology and methodology. It seemed that everyone was happy with the information exchanged.
    David and Patience, apologies for not going by your choice of day and time; please let me know, if you want to meet separately.
  2. Most of the conversation regarding tools / technology revolved around D2L. Deb had a very good observation that we might want to start logs in in the blog, which reflect different issues and solutions.
    g., we are starting a log “D2L issues and fixes”
    where each of us can contribute with their own “findings” and help the others

Another such log is “Rubrics,”

Please consider also the resources share on the following blog page:

  1. Deb Japp very astutely noticed (and others agreed) that we have to discriminate between the MnSCU mandated definition of “hybrid” and determine what we, faculty, “see” as hybrid. In that sense, please feel welcome to share your characteristic of your “hybrid” teaching, so it can help others determine how they teach in “hybrid.”
  2. Please consider the “online” group meeting for December 9, 1PM in MC 205
  3. otherwise, the next “hybrid” group meeting link to the Doodle poll for January 2017:
  4. If neither December 9, nor January 2017 is convenient, please consider this blog request form:
    where you can request a one-on-one meeting and/or suggest topic for discussion