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Hybrid/Blended Online
In the news (just for general information)
A reallocation of federal
Title II, Part A funds
“Blending traditional teaching methods with new technology tools is creating student-centered classrooms that motivate students to succeed and increase their engagement in school,” Governor Tom Corbett said

 eLearning infographics on structure of an online course

Questions we need to ask ourselves (in addition to the ones we have) regarding online organization


 Teaching with Technology:

Why hybrid (methodology)
online learning terminology

 StoryBoard for your Course Design (methodology, tools):
 StoryBoard for your Course Design (methodology, tools):
Quizzes  (methodology, tools):

Quizzes  (methodology, tools):

 Video storytelling tools (tools)
  Video storytelling tools (tools)
1) how to decide what content is best suited for in class and what goes online and 2) difficulty bridging the two modalities (F2F and Blended) to create a seamless and rich learning environment.


 A backup / alternative to Adobe Connect Whiteboard (tools):
 develop anonymous mid-course student evaluations:
  develop anonymous mid-course student evaluations:
 when elearning (methodology);  (compensation) discussion on compensation for creating an online course:
 stepping stones for transition to hybrid learning:
 stepping stones for transition to online learning:
 content (definitions/terminology)
synchronous vs asynchronous (methodology / definitions)

discussions (technology, methodology)

To replace D2L Discussions with a modern social media platform: Slack (

 humanize online ed (infographic) (methodology)

 how to organize a hybrid synchronous class (methodology, organization, technology):