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National #GoOpen Summit
National #GoOpen Summit REGISTER NOW: Registration for the National #GoOpen Summit: Leading with Pedagogy is open. The con (More)
MergeCube workshop at SCSU
The best intro to Augmented Reality may be the MergeCube: In 45 min, Mark Gill with the SCSU Vizlab ( (More)
Teaching the MTV learner
My note: 17 years after, and several generations after (Millennials, Gen Z) the observations still hold Singer, M. (2002, February 13). Teaching the MTV Learner. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from More)
tools for collaborative research and early discovery
Webinar: tools for collaborative research and early discovery Librarians have been at the forefront in promoting open access publishing options and informing their researchers about the open access landscape. Open access is increasingly recognized (More)
SAVE THE DATE: Open Access Week
The University Library is hosting its 3rd Open Access Week events from Monday October 21st – Friday October 25th .  All events will take place in the University Library, MC 218. Monday October 21st, 1 pm – 2 pm: Open Access Publishing We will (More)
AI and ethics
Live Facebook discussion at SCSU VizLab on ethics and technology: (More)
Macmillan publishers limit ebooks
A discussion on Reddit: (More)
VictoryXR in Davenport
Toolkit for an Immersive VR/AR
A Toolkit for an Immersive VR/AR Experience: The Verb Collective https://ev (More)
Lecture Capture October 8, 10AM Central Time Bill Cherne, VP Customer Success & Support, Sonic Foundry, has 20 years experience in both the AV and digital media industry a (More)
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