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cartoons humor learning
Creating Cartoons to Spark Engagement, Learning my note: Avoid using infographics for purposes, which toodoo can serve. Infographics are f (More)
directions immersive learning
Emerging Directions in Immersive Learning Presented by: Maya Georgieva and Emory Craig, May 17, 1:00 – 2:00pm (EDT) (More)
Survey: Augmented and Virtual Reality Yet to Gain Traction in K–12 By Richard (More)
TPR presentation
Presentation to TPR (Technology and Pedagogy Roundtable), April 19, 2017 WSB 335 | short link: My name is Plamen Miltenoff and I am faculty (http:// (More)
WebVR experiments
Google Cardboard Users Can Now Play WebVR Experiments By Sri Ravipati  04/ (More)
computing devices
Computing Devices to Remain Stagnant as Traditional PCs Slide Ever Downward By More)
social media in your course
8 Things You Should Know before Using Social Media in Your Course Jennifer Rafferty, Director, OLC Institute for Professional Development,  April 10, 2017 More)
14 obsolete trends in 21 century schools
14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools Posted by More)
apester +++++++++++++++++++++++ compare Apester ( to Kahoot (More)
oped ed resources
The open educational resources movement is redefining the concept of online textbooks The movement is also aiming to reimagine and democratize learning technologies. By SUZANNE BOWNESS | April 4, 2017 More)
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