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collaborative culture and top performance
According to Science Far from being a productivity panacea, a collaborative culture will drive your top performers away. By Geoffrey James More)
apps for tutorials
Tools and Apps for Creating Educational Tutorials (More)
digital innovation liberal arts
The Secret to Digital Innovation in the Liberal Arts Small liberal arts colleges looking to innovate with technology in education are finding strength in numbers. By More)
Clayton Christensen disruption theory
4 Keys to Understanding Clayton C (More)
consensus of mediocrity versus disruptive innovation
Attached below is the entire correspondence: a committee is formed. the committee decides "democratically" what needs to be done. the emphasis, as per administration is on "consensus" not on expertise and per LRS staff on "democratic" (meanin (More)
collaborative whiteboards
Collaborative Whiteboards NoteBookCast is a free whiteb (More)
good leaders make you feel safe
Why good leaders make you feel safe - Simon Sinek trust and cooperat (More)
globalization and education
We are competing with universities worldwide – and we may well lose More)
interactive collaboration in the classroom
20 Excellent Free Tools for Interactive Collaboration E (More)
International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning
International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL) An Official Publication of the Information Resources Management Association and the More)
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