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calming strategies against stress (More)
screen time and mental health
At Your Wits' End With A Screen-Obsessed Kid? Read This Anya Kamenetz and Chloee Weiner Jun 30 https:// (More)
+++++++++++++ more on burnout in this IMS blog (More)
mental health discussion
Mental health of college students and Lee's new book: “Delivering College Mental Health” Join Bryan Alexander and Lee Keyes, executive director, Counseling Center at the University of Alabama, and author of Delivering Effective College Mental Health (More)
end of year burnout
End of Year Burnout: How to Finish the Marathon in Stride Four tips for how to keep going strong all the way to the end of the year. By Maurice J. Elias May 20, 2014 More)
Mindfulness blog (More)
burnout in libraries
Nardine, J. (2019). The State of Academic Liaison Librarian Burnout in ARL Libraries in the United States | Nardine | College & Research Libraries. CRL, 80(4). (More)
mindfulness in the classroom
Mindfulness in the Classroom By:  More)
mindfulness in schools
These students are getting in tune with themselves through mindfulness—which reduces anxiety and increases confidence. — edutopia (@edutopia) More)
Mindfulness in curriculum
Mindfulness And Meditation Will Now Be Part Of The Curriculum In 370 Schools In England March 29, 2019 Read More: More)
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