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Blurred Lines Between Security Surveillance and Privacy
Edtech’s Blurred Lines Between Security, Surveillance and Privacy By Tony Wan     Mar 5, 2019 More)
secure and anonymous communication tools
Down the Security Rabbit Hole The most secure and anonymous communication tools available David Koff August 27 2018 https://med (More)
Facial Recognition issues
Chinese Facial Recognition Will Take over the World in 2019 More)
Protect Student Data
Six Ways to Protect Student Data and Prevent Cyberattacks By Ricky Doyle     Dec 10, 2018 More)
Germany under cyberattack
After massive cyber attack, Germany’s security apparatus struggles to answer questions Nicholas Waller JANUARY 9, 2019 Investigators traced the man through digital tracks he left on t (More)
AI fool fingerprints scanners
Artificial Intelligence Can Unlock Fingerprint Scanners ++++++++++++++++ more on AI in this IMS blog More)
Cybersecurity Risks in schools
FBI Warns Educators and Parents About Edtech’s Cybersecurity Risks By Tina Nazerian     Sep 14, 2018 More)
AI for Education
The Promise (and Pitfalls) of AI for Education Artificial intelligence could have a profound impact on learning, but it also raises key questions. By More)
Data Lake
What is a Data Lake? A Super-Simple Explanation For Anyone September 6, 2018 Bernard Marr (More)
coding ethics unpredictability
Franken-algorithms: the deadly consequences of unpredictable code by  Thu 30 Aug 2018 01.00 E (More)
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