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instructions to enable the Respondus license key to automatically update on individual computers when the license is renewed each year.
The new license key/password for Respondus  is available now at The most current version of Respondus  is also available there in a zipped fi (More)
D2L PIE idea
View D2L Brightspace PIE ideas what is PIE:The Product Idea Exchange The Product Idea Exchange is allows al (More)
Gamification: It’s Easier than You Think!
Gamification: It’s Easier than You Think! (More)
Technology Instruction available free
Spring 2016 technology Sessions available Student's relationship with technology is complex. They recognize its value bu (More)
quizzes for practice and training
Five Types of Quizzes That Deepen Engagement with Course Content By: Tropman, E., (2014). In defen (More)
rubrics variety
Rubrics: An Undervalued Teaching Tool February 15th, 2016 More)
Learning Spaces and Instructional Technology
Special Interest Group: Learning Spaces and Instructional Technology (SIG) webinars are FREE and open to anyone. Please feel free to share this with others at your institution. Dynamic Discussion Artifacts: Moving Beyond Threaded Discussion D (More)
student engagement
Using Creative Course Design to Increase Student Engagement Keeping your learners engaged is a key to success in online learning. This webinar focuses on the tools and strategies that can be used to create an engaging learner experience and increase (More)
Classroom Discussion and Students Participation
Classroom Discussion and Students Participation: how to Secure Student Engagement to Increase Learning and Improve Teaching How to increase the number of students who take part in classroom discussions How to avoid the problem of dominant talke (More)
extend test time for student with disability
How to extend D2L quiz time for specific students Go to "Assessment" and select "Quizzes" scroll down the menu, right to the quiz you are about to alter More)
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