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Technology Week: April 7-11: Integrating other technologies in D2L
Integrating other technologies in D2L Monday Lecture Capture and D2L (More)
LMS: how can I search its content
Q: Hi all, Please excuse duplication but I\'m trying to get this to as many people as possible. There are two courses in the M1/M2 years in our medical college that are extraordinarily large. In many schools it\'s called the \"Doctoring\" co (More)
D2L: drop the lowest of several quizzes for final grade
Q: I have assigned six quizzes, but would like the one with the lowest grade to be dropped for the final grading of the quizzes. How do I do that? A: Make sure that the quizzes are under a grade category and condition the grade category to exclude (More)
D2L Version 10.3 upgrade, testing for the upgrade, and D2L tools
D2L Update This update will include information on D2L Version 10.3 upgrade, testing for the upgrade, and D2L tools. D2L will be upgraded to version 10.3 (includes version 10.2 as well) on May 30 beginning at 10 p.m.  The upgrade will provide t (More)
Ad students to special access and increasing number of attempts
Q: the CMS (D2L) kicked out my students in the middle of their test (quiz). How can I let them take the quiz again? A: Please consider this two video clips: - add students to special access - allowing more then one quiz attempt (More)
Associating dropbox folders with grading items
Pls consider additional sources on the bottom of this entry to associate your dropbox folder with a grading items, go to your dropbox module se (More)
group registration for Minnesota Desire2Learn IGNITE 2014
Minnesota Desire2Learn IGNITE 2014 Friday, April 04, 2014 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Central Time) If you are planning to attend the MN D2L Ignite event and would like to be considered for a group registration ($80) versus individual registra (More)
D2L Course Purge
Per MnSCU System Office: As we continue on with the purge schedule of retaining the previous two years of courses, we will send reminders prior to these dates: July 1, 2014 purging will begin on these semester courses:   Spring 2012 (ISRS YRT (More)
Update: Feb 10 Email Notifcations from D2L
Per MnSCU System Office: The D2L email queue completed sending all pending messages Friday evening (Feb 7)and since that time the email has been processing on schedule, with no excessive backlogs.  We continue to monitor the queue and will keep you (More)
Delayed Email Notifcations from D2L
Per MnSCU System Office: We are still seeing a backlog in the email queue for D2L notifications, and delays of 10-20 hours before users receive the email messages.  The mail is moving, but new messages are  coming in as fast as old ones are going (More)
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