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Reading Digesting Scholarly Research
ELI Webinar | Reading & Digesting Scholarly Research: Tips to Save Time While Increasing Understanding Tuesday, February 26 | 1:00p.m. - 2:00p.m. ET | Online Reading and digesting scholarly research can be challenging when new journal issues, (More)
Russia disconnect Internet
Russia Is Considering An Experiment To Disconnect From The Internet February 11, 20194:50 PM ET  SASHA INGBER More)
AI in the classroom
How Much Artificial Intelligence Should There Be in the Classroom? By Betsy Corcoran and More)
K-12 And Higher Education Converged?
K-12 And Higher Education Are Considered Separate Systems. What If They Converged? By Jeffrey R. Young     Sep 8, 2017 More)
learn blockchain by building one
Learn Blockchains by Building One The fastest way to learn how Blockchains work is to build one More)
Policy for Artificial Intelligence
Law is Code: Making Policy for Artificial Intelligence Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene January 16, 2019 (More)
identity political correctness
'Identity is a pain in the arse': Zadie Smith on political correctness At Hay Cartagena festival author questions role of social media in policing personal development More)
videos mechanical engineering https://www.ins (More)
DuckDuckGo vs Google
Nothing Can Stop Google. DuckDuckGo Is Trying Anyway. 2019 may finally be the year for ‘The Search Engine That Doesn’t Track You’ Drew Millard, Jan 15, 2019 More)
Your Brain Off Facebook
This Is Your Brain Off Facebook Planning on quitting the social platform? A major new study offers a glimpse of what unplugging might do for your life. (Spoiler: It’s not so bad.) Benedict Carey, Jan 30, 2019 (More)
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