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technology requirements for librarians job samples
also academic technology Data Visualization Designer and Consultant for the Arts Lecturer The University Libraries of Virginia Tech seeks a specialist to join a team offering critical and sophisticated new technology development serv (More)
Jeremy Bailenson VR presence (VR different from other media), virtual pit, haptic devices and environment 4 min: what's the point?... VR is a paradox, no rules, what should you do and what to avoid Ketaki Shriram dissertation addic (More)
videos mechanical engineering (More)
technologies for life long learning
Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning: Intro to #EmTechMOOC and EmTechWIKI from SUNY “... open-access resource… to identify the value and implications of using established and emerging technology tools for personal and professional growth...s (More)
Blockchain next election
Blockchain Disciples Have a New Goal: Running Our Next Election Amid vote-hacking fears, election officials are jumping on the crypto bandwagon — but cybersecurity experts are sounding an alarm )
Bitcoin explained through Pokemon
Explaining Bitcoin with Pokemon cards More)
video editing
Public Service Announcements using visuals Troy Shafer's Health class. Steps to promote your own brand versus using generic visuals: Plan your project by considering the following items create a very basic script and timeline take (More)
Flipgrid Live (More)
Sites in VR
Sites in VR is a free Android and iOS app that provides a 1700 virtual reality views of significant landmarks around the world. More)
MinnState Shark Innovation Grants
Stephen Kelly, the Open Education and Innovation Program Coordinator shared great info on the Shark Innovation Grants. Please have a link to the informatio (More)
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