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ethics and arts against digital apocalypse
To stop a tech apocalypse we need ethics and the arts from r/philosophy More)
Hands-on is “goggles-on” (More)
most popular programming languages
[OC] Most Popular Programming Languages according to GitHub from r/dataisbeautif (More)
synchronous vs asynchronous attitudes Discussion in my facult (More)
student-centered learning
Report: Most educators aren't equipped for student-centered learning https://www.educat (More)
ed tech companies
+++++++++++++++Even with their services in huge demand, some smaller ed tech firms are running out of cash. (via @JonMar (More)
Big Data and IoT +++++++++++++++ more on big data in this IMS blog more on IoT in this (More)
virtual labs Virtual labs simulate the tools, equipment, tes (More)
VR anatomy (More)
fake news repetition pronounceability familiarity regular photos +++++++++++++++++ more on fake news in this IMS blog < (More)
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