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October 17, 20195:00 AM ET (More)
Cyber Safety
#K12 schools need to start teaching students at a young age how to use the internet responsibly. Luckily, there are resources available to help them. More)
Slido polls in Google Slides
Slido - Create and Run Polls Within Your Google Slides — Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) More)
VR Relax
You can view clips from last week & sign up to join us Oct 19 at See you Saturday in #VR for an unforge (More)
quantum computer +++++++++ more on quantum computing in this IMS blog More)
social media for good
9 ways real students use social media for good Michael Niehoff  October 2, 2019 https://www.iste.o (More)
digitally native need computer help
The Smartphone Generation Needs Computer Help Young people may be expert social-media and smartphone users, but many lack the digital skills they need for today’s jobs. How can we set them up for success? More)
AI and ethics
Live Facebook discussion at SCSU VizLab on ethics and technology: (More)
Toolkit for an Immersive VR/AR
A Toolkit for an Immersive VR/AR Experience: The Verb Collective https://ev (More)
teachers discipline Foucault
I was beginning to think Foucault’s writings on the “disciplinary society” were becoming irrelevant. But then my niece started the 5th grade. Her teachers add and subtract behavioral points in an app shared with her mom. Note that she lost a point (More)
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