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intro to edublog maintaince
consider the following external sources: Basics (login, edit blog entry, format text, change title etc) How to embed multimedia (images, videos, audio) in your blog: (More)
blogging for Confucius Institute
Plan for August 17 Introduce students to the blog idea. Short link to this plan: More)
grammarly alternatives alternatives for proofreading, grammar and spelling checker, vocabulary uses, citation suggestions: More)
intro computer programming
Intro to Computer Programming with Steve Perry 10-week eCourse  Beginning Tuesday, September 5, (More)
convocation fall 2017
Watch our live presentation at: #SCSUconvocation2017 #VRlib (More)
chips and vr
A Chip Revolution Will Bring Better VR Sooner Than You Think   More)
effective presentations
How to Give an Effective Presentation Expert Tips the effective communication skills More)
analytical essay are you a Pinterest user? Here is the link to the board with more materials of this kind: More)
APA citation +++++++++++++++ (More)
podcast at 2x
Speeding Up Your Podcasts Won’t Solve Your Problems More)
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