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EDAD digital fluency
Other sessions for Dr. James Johnson's classes: other sessions for EDAD courses: More)
5G vs WiFi6
5G is great, but this Wi-Fi upgrade will provide double the range, triple the speed and better reliability — CNET (@CNET) More)
AR in the classroom
Don’t miss this free @edwebnet webinar on Getting Started with #AugmentedReality in the Class (More)
reading teenagers electronic devices In the 1970 (More) LinkedIn Microsoft Privacy (More)
VR in higher ed
Early Adopters Pioneer Virtual Reality Use in Higher Education Colleges deliver personalized learning experiences with custom VR content by Erin Brereton More)
Flipgrid new features Flipg (More)
SAMR personalized learning Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, th (More)
EduTwitter (More)
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