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Magic Leap 2 new strategy (More)
questions about online education
Second, another reason that there cannot be a definitive answer to this question is the diversity of stakeholders in online education. Yong Zhao: Does it Work? The Most Meaningless Question to Ask about Online Education More)
digital curation
Does anyone do a digital curation assignment in a course? Looking to hook a faculty member up with some examples (her assignment is a digital curation on a student-selected technology within a specific context (ie-augmented reality in job training) (More)
digital storytelling book
Bravo @BryanAlexander! We're delighted to inform you that "The New Digital Storytelling" made it to BookAuthority's list of best Virtual Reality books of all time! More)
in times of digital humanities
let's remember Derrida's contemplation Archive Fever - Derrida, Steedman, & the Archival Turn from More)
the invention of thanksgiving
The Invention of Thanksgiving, Massacres, myths, and the making of the great November holiday. By More)
reading teenagers electronic devices In the 1970 (More)
Flipgrid new features Flipg (More)
how to tell a story
+++++++++++++ more on digital storytelling in this IMS blog (More)
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