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2014 Best Educational Web Sites
Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2014 http://www.ala (More)
elearning strategy
LinkedIn discussion from the group: Higher Education Teaching and Learning More)
vodcasting for the library
My note: I pushed this idea four years ago (e.g. for the SCSU library and it was shut down (More)
the moth
The Moth +++++++++++++++++ more on storytelling in this IMS blog More)
mindfulness storytelling heal
How Mindfulness and Storytelling Help Kids Heal and Learn Sept 2016 (More)
transmedia storytelling
from Ben Ward, Kansas State University Tra (More)
apple keynote digital storytelling
Keynote for Digital Story Telling Posted on More)
Digital Storytelling for EDAD 652
Community Relations for Administrators EDAD 652 Instructor Kay Worner A discussion with Kay's class of school administrators about the use of digital storytelling as a tool for community relations. discussion based on LIB 490/590 More)
lib 290 digital storytelling
LIB 290 Digital Storytelling - Fall of 2017 More)
twine ++++++++++++++++++++++ more on digital storytelling in this IMS blog http://blog.stcloudsta (More)
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