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best math apps and online tools
Teachers share their picks for the best math apps and online tools. 💯✨ — edutopia (@edutopia) More)
Academia communication in pandemic
“This shouldn’t be something that teachers are facing on their own as an individual. This is something that schools should be having conversations about: What are the expectations, and how are they communicating those expectations?” More)
online students presentation rubric
Conflicting logics of online higher education
Mariya P. Ivancheva, Rebecca Swartz, Neil P. Morris, Sukaina Walji, Bronwen J. Swinnerton, Taryn Coop & Laura Czerniewicz (2020) Conflicting logics of online higher education, British Journal of Sociology of Education, DOI: More)
hybrid in the fall of 2020
the HyFlex model for the fall... reflects a rift between administrators and professors, who are raising alarms over the health risks of teaching in person, and about the logistical, technical, and pedagogical complications of the model itself. Search (More)
depersonalization of teaching (More)
HyFlex model
“A well-designed HyFlex class, with effective alternative participation modes that all lead to the same learning outcomes, can provide meaningful learning opportunities for all students.” Brian Beatty More)
HyFlex Model What is #HyFlex and when should we use it in #Hig (More)
China AI and math China's Race For AI Dominance Depends On Math | F (More)
ADDIE and SAM models More)
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