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iLRN 2020
iLRN 2020: 6th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network Organized in conjunction with Educators in VR Technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Education Society June 21-25, 2020, Now Fully Online and in Virtual Reality!! (More)
Tips and Tools for Teaching Remotely
Tips and Tools for Teaching Remotely Link to the list here: https://d (More)
free Chemistry online resources
Per the SCSU OER blog - More)
SCSU meteorology in ASVR
Alan and Rachel lead their meteorology students in AltSpaceVR (More)
Algorithmic Test Proctoring
Our Bodies Encoded: Algorithmic Test Proctoring in Higher Education SHEA SWAUGER 02 APRIL 2020 ED-TECH More)
Keep the Crashers Out of Your Zoom (More)
questions about online education
Second, another reason that there cannot be a definitive answer to this question is the diversity of stakeholders in online education. Yong Zhao: Does it Work? The Most Meaningless Question to Ask about Online Education More)
screencast flipgrid
+++++++++++++++++ more on flipgrid in this IMS blog (More)
app to phone scan pages to PDF
Borrowed from the Higher Ed Learning Collective FB group: iOS (Apple): More)
student support online learning
10 Tips to Support Students in a Stressful Shift to Online Learning By Kelly Field MARCH 30, 2020  https://www.chronicle.c (More)
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