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K-12 And Higher Education Converged?
K-12 And Higher Education Are Considered Separate Systems. What If They Converged? By Jeffrey R. Young     Sep 8, 2017 More)
learn blockchain by building one
Learn Blockchains by Building One The fastest way to learn how Blockchains work is to build one More)
videos mechanical engineering https://www.ins (More)
Your Brain Off Facebook
This Is Your Brain Off Facebook Planning on quitting the social platform? A major new study offers a glimpse of what unplugging might do for your life. (Spoiler: It’s not so bad.) Benedict Carey, Jan 30, 2019 (More)
smartphones for learning and policies
6 ways to use students’ smartphones for learning By Kelsey Ehnle 12/26/2018 BYOD More)
McGill AI facility
McGill, UMontréal unveil state-of-the-art AI facility (More)
VR Education Apps
7 Best VR Education Apps Lauren Barack  June 19 2018 Visit Mars, swim with sea otters and trek to Mt. Everest's Base Camp https://www.gear (More)
Android app on Daydream
How To Get Any Android App Running On A Daydream Standalone VR Headset IAN HAMILTON • MAY 10TH, 2018 (More)
virtual reality book tours
Virtual Reality Book Tours SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 More)
ethics and exact sciences
University Data Science Programs Turn to Ethics and the Humanities By Sydney Johnson     Jan 11, 2019 More)
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