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Lumen5 (More)
Online learning tuition finances
z (More)
IM 690 VR and AR lab part 2
IM 690 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. short link: IM 690 lab plan for March 3, MC 205:  Oculus Go and Quest Readings: TAM:Technol (More)
IM 690 lab (More)
EdTech investments
3 Key Questions to Ask About Your Edtech Investments [Infographic] (More)
IM 690 Gear 360 tutorial
IM 690 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Jan. 21, MC 205 (how to get t (More)
immersive reality and instructional design
please use this D2L discussion thread to log your thoughts regarding the readings below https://stcloudstat (More)
encourage technology education   (More)
startups and Silicon Valley
FOUR YEARS IN STARTUPS Life in Silicon Valley during the dawn of the unicorns. By September 23, 2019 More)
CRS Loop +++++++++ more on CRS in this IMS blog More)
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