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facial recognition unlawfully used
Facial recognition has been used unlawfully and violated human rights, UK Court of Appeal rules in landmark case from More)
UDL Universal Design for Learning https://accessibility.b (More)
against cameras on how to increase engagement without relying on “cameras (More)
2020 best laptops to compare
the 2020 choice for best laptops to compare: More)
best math apps and online tools
Teachers share their picks for the best math apps and online tools. 💯✨ — edutopia (@edutopia) More)
Academia communication in pandemic
“This shouldn’t be something that teachers are facing on their own as an individual. This is something that schools should be having conversations about: What are the expectations, and how are they communicating those expectations?” More)
social media and conspiracy theories
Study: U.S. adults who mostly rely on social media for news are less informed, exposed to more conspiracies from More)
Apple Glass
'Apple Glass' users may be able to manipulate AR images with any real object from r/gadgets (More)
students data privacy (More)
AI and ed research
Got a new open access article out on the ways AI is embedding in education research. Well-funded precision education experts and learning engineers aim to collect psychodata, brain data and biodata as evidence of the embodied substrates of learning (More)
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