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textbook model
Fixing the Textbook Model Indiana University's Brad Wheeler explains how his institution is ditching the college textbook and replacing it with digital alternatives that are accessible to students from day one. By Dian Schaffhauser 06/21/17 More)
app smashing
My note: #appsmashing must be the evolution of the ~ 2010 #mashup from: More)
digital learning faculty support
Report: Faculty Support Lacking for Wide Adoption of Digital Learning By Dian Schaffhauser 06/19/17 More)
VR chemistry
MEL Science Launches Virtual Reality Chemistry Lessons By Richard Chang 06 (More)
Survey: IoT Overtakes Mobile as Security Threat By Rhea Kelly 06/05/ (More)
tutorials on MediaSpace More)
VR and AR in the classroom
Leslie Fisher Thinks Augmented Reality First, Then VR in the Classroom 05/12/17 https:/ (More)
asynch and LMS online
Asynch Delivery and the LMS Still Dominate for Online Programs By Dian Schaffhauser  05/22/17 More)
digitization impact on academic library
Survey Highlights Digitization's Impact on Campus Libraries By David Rat (More)
big data in ed
New Report Examines Use of Big Data in Ed By Dian Schaffhauser  05/17/17 https://campustechnology. (More)
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