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VR Manga and Immersive Storytelling
VR Manga Is The Immersive Storytelling You Didn’t Know You Wanted October 9, 2017 by Bobby Carlton More)
VR headset future
VR's future depends on you buying a dorky headset Oculus, the VR company that Mark Zuckerberg bought for more than $2 billion, has a problem: It’s struggling to convince people to buy its gear. More)
Pre-Gamification for Adult Beginners: Minecraft, Facebook, Kano Computer Kit, (and WeChat)” - Instructional Implications for HIgher Education kano computer kit. Comparable with RaspberryPi and Arduino s (More)
digital badges in academic libraries
David Demaine, S., Lemmer, C. A., Keele, B. J., & Alcasid, H. (2015). Using Digital Badges to Enhance Research Instruction in Academic Libraries. In B. L. Eden (Ed.), Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the 21st-Century Academic Library: Successfu (More)
blochain credentialing in higher ed
2 reasons why blockchain tech has big, tangible implications for higher ed By Jami Morshed September 27th, 2017 https:/ (More)
interactivity for the library
In 2015, former library dean purchased two large touch-screen monitors (I believe paid $3000 each). Shortly before that, I had offered to the campus fitting applications for touch screens (being that large screens or mobiles): Zaption : More)
Karl Kapp on gaming for education
Gamification and Game-Thinking from More)
role playing games
list of RPG (role playing games): More on gaming in this IMS blog More)
European conference on game based learning
11th European Conference on Games Based Learning (ECGBL 2017) Conference   5th to 6th October 2017  Graz, Austria Website: http://www.academic-con (More)
designing badges
ELI Course | Digging Into Badges: Designing and Developing Digital Credentials Register by September 22 Digital badge (More)
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