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game based learning
How Game-Based Learning Empowers Students for the Future (More)
Gamification in Education in China and US
Song, D., Wang, J., Ju, P., Liang, Y., Huang, L., & Xu, H. (n.d.). Gamification in Education: A Comparison between China and Western Countries. Retrieved from https://www (More)
music and the brain
What's Going On Inside the Brain When We Play Music? Published on Aug 26, 2016 Humans love music, especially when there's More)
Fortnite is Instagram of gaming
The Most Important Video Game on the Planet How Fortnite became the Instagram of gaming (More)
Serious Play Conference
Bryan Alexander's Future Trends Forum with Guest Sue Bohle, Serious Play Conference An interactive discussion on gaming in education January 17, 2 - 3 PM (EST) Sue Bohle, Executive Director, Producer, Serious Play Confe (More)
K12 Technology
a survey conducted by nonprofit organization Project Tomorrow. More)
Badges and microcredentials
per Gail Ruhland (More)
Immersive Reality Peninsula Press (More)
AI and Predictive Analytics in a Gamified Platform Content-neutral mobile platform birthed out of Swinburne University of Technology in Australia Quitch YouTube chan (More)
definitions of realities quiz short link: More)
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