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best practices in online proctoring
To catch a cheat: Best practices in online proctoring BY MICHAEL LONDON March 2nd, 2018 (More)
definitions online learning
Online learning here is used as a blanket term for all related terms: HyFlex courses - hybrid + flexible "hybrid synchronous" or "blended synchronous" courses Definition: The HyFlex model gives students the choice to attend class in perso (More)
mondopad Portland State’s Story: Our Immersive Multimedia Collaboration Experience   (More)
Online Students Need More Interaction
Online Students Need More Interaction with Peers and Teachers [#Infographic] New research shows online learners are seeking more interaction, mobile device support and career services. university administrators want to make sure their More)
proctoring ideas
Digital Proctoring I great exchange on ideas regarding digital proctoring in the Blended and Online Learning listserv: David Huckleberry Coordinator of Digital Instruction - Physics & Astronomy Purdue Un (More)
types of blended learning
Find The Model That Works For You: 12 Types Of Blended Learning +++++++++++++ more on blended learning in this IMS blog More)
online program evaluation
company or group who is doing online program evaluation? this information is extracted from the Blend-Online discussion list Colleagues, Do you know any company or group who is doing online program evaluation? Our school is seeking a consultin (More)
policies online program
How did your institution decide which courses should be converted or designed to be blended and or online?  Did you have a particular process, form, or department who made those decisions? Dana Gullo, M.S.I.T. Senior Instructional Designer  York Col (More)
faculty training for online teaching
he EDUCAUSE Blended and Online Learning Constituent Group Listserv Quick poll – do you require your faculty to be trained how to teach online before they are allowed to teach an online course at your institution? Kristen Brown, Assistant Direct (More)
Google in the classroom
How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn? Zhai Yun TanFEBRUARY 8, 2016 (More)
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