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Hands-on is “goggles-on” (More)
Koch brothers and higher ed
Koch Foundation and Others Fund ASU's Higher Ed 'Redesign' Paul Fain September 8, 2020 More)
fake news repetition pronounceability familiarity regular photos +++++++++++++++++ more on fake news in this IMS blog < (More)
how to research questions
Research and refining research questions (for graduate students) - resources More)
faith in expertise
Nichols, T. (2017). How America Lost Faith in Expertise. Foreign Affairs. (More)
embedded librarianship overview literature
Abrizah, A., Inuwa, S., & Afiqah-Izzati, N. (2016). Systematic Literature Review Informing LIS Professionals on Embedding Librarianship Roles. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 42(6), 636–643. More)
global population density
World in Population Density from r/MapPorn +++++++++++ more on geography in this IMS blog More)
debunk online myths
Everything's Worth A Fact-Check': Network Teaches Teens To Debunk Online Myths On top of debunking more than More)
AI and ed research
Got a new open access article out on the ways AI is embedding in education research. Well-funded precision education experts and learning engineers aim to collect psychodata, brain data and biodata as evidence of the embodied substrates of learning (More)
Digital Literacy EDAD 828
EDAD 828 - digital literacy instructions Saturday, Jan 25, 2020, Dr. John Eller How (where from) do you receive your news? Do you think you are able to distinguish real news from fake news? Last year, researchers at Oxford University (More)
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