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Code in Place free Python course
Stanford University's Computer Science department is holding a unique MOOC called 'Code in Place.' This is a free course to learn python. (More)
VR training medicine (More)
Instagram and Python
Increase your Instagram followers with a simple Python bot (More)
Das Coronavirus (More)
Stylus types
Need discussions on precision drawing using electronic devices? Talk to us, we can help ++++++++++++++++ more on stylus use in this IMS blog (More)
IM 690 lab ASVR
IM 690 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. short link: IM 690 lab plan for March 31, online:  Virtual Worlds If at any point you are lost in (More)
1st day of online learning
While we reconvene online, here some pictures of campus, if you are missing it (More)
AR and gamification European project
Osello, A., Rapetti, N., Del Guidice, M., Guinea, A. M., Ronzino, A., Ugliotti, F., & Migliarino, L. (2015). AUGMENTED REALITY AND GAMIFICATION APPROACH WITHIN THE DIMMER PROJECT. INTED2015 Proceedings, 2707–2714. More)
econferencing tools alternatives
Did you wish #GoogleMeet had a grid view to see more than just a few people at a time? Check out this More)
Toolkit for Student Immersive Media Project Creation
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