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US Teens Spread Disinformation
US Teens Are Being Paid to Spread Disinformation on Social Media from r/technology (More)
ethics and arts against digital apocalypse
To stop a tech apocalypse we need ethics and the arts from r/philosophy More)
Hands-on is “goggles-on” (More)
most popular programming languages
[OC] Most Popular Programming Languages according to GitHub from r/dataisbeautif (More)
Fascism (More)
digital ethics
O’Brien, J. (2020). Digital Ethics in Higher Education: 2020. Educause Review.
faith in expertise
Nichols, T. (2017). How America Lost Faith in Expertise. Foreign Affairs. (More)
global population density
World in Population Density from r/MapPorn +++++++++++ more on geography in this IMS blog More)
debunk online myths
Everything's Worth A Fact-Check': Network Teaches Teens To Debunk Online Myths On top of debunking more than More)
free digital tools for students engagement
15 Free Digital Tools to Boost Students’ Engagement Online A review of digital tools and ideas for teachers to support formative assessment in online classrooms More)
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