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TikTok privacy analysis More)
corporate surveillance
Behind the One-Way Mirror: A Deep Dive Into the Technology of Corporate Surveillance BY BENNETT CYPHERS DECEMBER 2, 2019 (More)
The Nature and Future of Bitcoin
The Nature and Future of Bitcoin -A Legal Analysis of Cryptocurrencies (PDF) +++++++++ more on Bitcoin in this (More)
digital literacy for SOE students
Digital literacy for SOE students Class ED 610 Introduction to Curriculum and Instruction Summer 2018 Instructor:     Hsuehi(Martin) Lo short link to this session: h (More)
in times of digital humanities
let's remember Derrida's contemplation Archive Fever - Derrida, Steedman, & the Archival Turn from More)
VR and community service (More)
AI and cybersecurity
+++++++++++++++++++++ more on AI in this IMS blog (More)
Russia preinstalled domestic software
3D made of sound
Globalization 4.0
Researchers’ Work from University of Auckland Focuses on Communication Research (Translators as Adaptive Experts in a Flat World: From Globalization 1.0 to Globalization 4.0?).(Report). (2016). Science Letter, 1169. (More)
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