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productivity and physical space
In 2019, does it matter where do we perform our work? When I asked in 2009 to use e-conferencing tools (Skype, Adobe Connect back then) to allow better attendance at faculty meetings, there was a mountain of arguments why NOT to. Such attitude w (More)
AI investment
US share of #AI investment dollars is slipping as other nations' grows: pic (More)
Deepfake danger: what a viral clip of Bill Hader morphing into Tom Cruise tells us Are deepfakes a threat to democracy? The creator of a series of viral clips says he is raising awareness of their subversive potential Elle Hunt  Aug (More)
influential tools for online learning
Online Learning’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Robert Ubell (Columnist)     Feb 20, 2019 (More)
NLP - natural language processing; ACL - Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2019) Major trends in NLP: a review of 20 years of ACL res (More)
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