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Jeremy Bailenson VR presence (VR different from other media), virtual pit, haptic devices and environment 4 min: what's the point?... VR is a paradox, no rules, what should you do and what to avoid Ketaki Shriram dissertation addic (More)
Make Edtech More Effective
How Do We Make Edtech More Effective? (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With Technology) By Jack Lynch     Dec 1, 2018 More)
technologies for life long learning
Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning: Intro to #EmTechMOOC and EmTechWIKI from SUNY “... open-access resource… to identify the value and implications of using established and emerging technology tools for personal and professional growth...s (More)
ELI Annual Meeting 2019
ELI Annual Meeting 2019 (More)
Sites in VR
Sites in VR is a free Android and iOS app that provides a 1700 virtual reality views of significant landmarks around the world. More)
digital literacy for CHEM 491 Senior Capstone
Short link to this blog entry: Syllabus Dr. Kannan Sivaprakasam More)
definitions of realities quiz short link: More)
first snow in 360
Well, technically not the first for 2016, but certainly beautiful: Best experience with VR goggles: Google (More)
Hololens in academic library
Blurred Lines—between virtual reality games, research, and education p. 5 a LibGuide was created that provided a better description of the (More)
Games and Online Interactive Content
Making Games and Online Interactive Content Wednesday, 11/21/2018 - Wednesday, 12/12/2018 Looking for a beginner's crash course in game making software and process? Games can be an excellent teaching resource, and game development is easier than (More)
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