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online learning attitudes
online learning attitudes Students match their preference for hybrid learning with a belief that it is the most effective learning environment for them. Despite the fact that faculty prefer teaching in a hybrid environment, they remain skeptical (More)
Google in the classroom
How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn? Zhai Yun TanFEBRUARY 8, 2016 (More)
differences in 3d printing technologies
White paper The differences between the most popular 3D print (More)
K12 ed tech trends
5 Trends Shaping K12 Ed Tech Chromebooks. (vers (More)
is disruptive positive or negative
Disruptive Technology Definition | Investopedia More)
European Learning & Teaching Forum
European Learning & Teaching Forum (More)
faculty camp "effective presentation"
faculty camp "effective presentation" Do you have a presentation you are proud of and sure it impacts your teaching and your students’ learning? (More)
drones SCSU roundtable
The Department of Geography & Planning, School of Public Affairs and Northland Community and Technical College announce, Dronetech Roundtable on Wednesday, October 11 from 1-2:30 p.m. in the Atwood Alumni Room. Learn about Unmanned Aircraft Sys (More)
managing phone use in class
3 Tips for Managing Phone Use in Class Setting cell phone expectations early is key to accessing the learning potential of these devices and minimizing the distraction factor. By Liz Kolb Sept (More)
technology requirements for librarians job samples
Data Visualization Designer and Consultant for the Arts Lecturer The University Libraries of Virginia Tech seeks a specialist to join a team offering critical and sophisticated new technology development services that enhance the scho (More)
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