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Essential Elements for Digital Content
Navigating the Digital Shift: Quality Learning Connections in the Digital Age This edWebin (More)
twitter hashtags for education
Watch the IMS pitch to SCSU faculty of Airmore: Airmore: (More)
use of library specialized technology
Survey of American College Students: Use of Library Specialized Technology, Group & Individual Study Rooms (ISBN No:978-157440-530-9 ) https://www (More)
how to student learning
How Can We Amplify Student Learning? The ANSWER from Cognitive Psychology By: More)
SCSU meeting on microcredentialing
Monday, June 11, 3PM Everything on badges and microcredentialing n this blog: More)
Mind map w Scapple
Scapple More)
Software Carpentry Workshop at SCSU Python
Registration is now open for the workshop:  More)
PurposeGames Purpose Games is a free service for creating and or playing simple (More)
survive in Fortnite if old and slow
How to survive in Fortnite if you're old and slow (More)
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