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VR and students with special needs
Bibliography on virtual reality and students with physical and cognitive disabilities Jeffs, T. L. (2009). Virtual Reality and Special Needs. Themes In Science And Technology Education, 2(1-2), 253-268. More)
digital assessment
cognitive load theory
Cognitive load theory: Research that teachers really need to understand AUGUST 2017 Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation More)
employers to educators
Employers’ Challenge to Educators: Make School Relevant to Students’ Lives More)
Large-scale visualization
The future of collaboration: Large-scale visualization  More)
Teaching Critical Thinking
Teaching Critical Thinking: Some Practical Points By: More)
cultural differences
Chinese, Americans Truly See Differently, Study Says John Roach for National Geographic NewsAugust 22, 2005 More)
the ‘Learning Styles’ Myth
One Reason the ‘Learning Styles’ Myth Persists By )
LMS and student learning
Techniques for Unleashing Student Work from Learning Management Systems (More)
social media and critical thinking
Does social media make room for critical thinking? social media critical th (More)
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