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handwriting to text
OneNote OneNote is the obvious choice for anyone who is using a Microsoft Surface or other Windows-based tablet. It is also available to use on iPads and on Android tabl (More)
cultural differences
Chinese, Americans Truly See Differently, Study Says John Roach for National Geographic News August 22, 2005 More)
music and the brain
What's Going On Inside the Brain When We Play Music? Published on Aug 26, 2016 Humans love music, especially when there's More)
7 Words to avoid as a Leader
7 Toxic Words You Should Never Say as a Leader  More)
Rap hip-hop and physics
A Hip-Hop Experiment JOHN LELAND NOV. 16, 2012 (More)
Great River Children’s Exploratorium
Great River Children’s Exploratorium A non-profit organization developing a children (More)
how to student learning
How Can We Amplify Student Learning? The ANSWER from Cognitive Psychology By: More)
VR AR SEL empathy
How AR and VR are Being Used to Teach SEL By Tina Nazerian     May 29, 2018 SEL social emotional learning More)
PurposeGames Purpose Games is a free service for creating and or playing simple (More)
Differentiated Instruction strategies
4 ways to implement Differentiated Instruction strategies in the classroom differentiated instruction and assessment, also known as differentiated learning, is the framework yo (More)
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