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blended learning versus technology integration
blended learning versus technology integration (scroll down to the right to enlarge to full screen) (More)
online discussion with Plovdiv University
community based learning, project based learning, personalized learning Adobe Connect link: online discussion with faculty, pre-se (More)
Face-to-Face vs. Online Learning
Face-to-Face vs. Online Learning: Why Is It Either/Or? Too often, adul (More)
Online Game-based Learning in Art History and Museum Contexts
The Games Art Historians Play: Online Game-based Learning in Art History and Museum Contexts More)
MediaSpace Lecture Capture
[technology] MnSCU Special Interest Group - New October Webinar - Leveraging MnSCU MediaSpace Through Integration With Cloud-based Lecture Capture Join us next Tuesday, October 27th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, for a special SIG Series webinar: Lever (More)
liberal education
the importance of liberal education Setting Up Ghana\'s First Liberal Arts College Makes Him A \'Genius\' More)
rubrics as assessment of the future
Could Rubric-Based Grading Be the Assessment of the Future? (More)
writing skills
Novelist teaches freshman writing, is shocked by students’ inability to construct basic sentences Have we lost this essential skill and can it be recovered? More)
Technology Instruction available free
Student\'s relationship with technology is complex. They recognize its value but still need guidance when it comes to better using it for academics. More)
big data
big-data-in-education-report Center for Digital Education (CDE) real-time impact on curriculum structure, instruction delivery and student le (More)
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