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ELI 2018 Key Issues Teaching Learning
Key Issues in Teaching and Learning A roster of (More)
stress and memory
How Stress Affects Your Memory Katrina Schwartz  Published on Oct 11 (More)
gamification and learning
Student Perceptions of Learning and Instructional Effectiveness in College Courses Students’ Percepti (More)
use of laptops phones in the classroom
Why I’m Asking You Not to / Use Laptops ++++++++++ against: ++++++++++++++++ Study: Use of digital devices in class affects students' long-term retention of information More)
Lawnmower Parents Teachers
Lawnmower Parents Are the New Helicopter Parents & We Are Not Here for It Chances are, you’ve met this new breed of parent. August 30, 2018 Lawnmower parents go to whatever lengths necessary to prevent their child from having to face a (More)
ebooks Penn State
E-books provide student savings through Penn State partnership August 13, 2018 https: (More)
embed AR VR in learning
How AR and VR Can Make Students Laugh and Cry Out Loud—and Embed Them in Their Learning SPONSORED CONTENT FROM ZSPACE By Wendy McMahon     Aug 28, 2018 More)
new brain cells
(thank you Mike Pickle: Mysterious new brain cell f (More)
no degree for Google IBM Apple
Google, Apple, IBM & Many Other Companies No Longer Require Employees To Have A Degree Shivam Vahia  Aug 24, 2018, 15:53:44 IST More)
Churchill and the Greek resistance
How Churchill broke the Greek Resistance How Winston Churchill and the British government attacked the Greek Resistance and sowed the seeds of civil war. by Joëlle Fontaine July 2012, More)
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