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Education and New Developments 2019
International Conference on Education and New Developments 2019 27 to 29 of June, 2020 – Zagreb, Croatia More)
2019 Year in Education five of the biggest education stories of the (More)
Finland's Phenomenon-based Learning
The Teacher’s Role in Finland's Phenomenon-based Learning Tara García Mathewson, The Hechinger ReportDec 10 More)
use of laptops phones in the classroom
Why I’m Asking You Not to / Use Laptops ++++++++++ against: ++++++++++++++++ (More)
In the Age of AI 13 min 40 sec = Wechat 14 min 60 sec = data is the new oil and China is the new Saudi Arabia 18 min 30 sec = social credit and facial (More)
Principals value coaching
Principals value coaching, but the model still isn't widespread (More)
Boost Students’ Conceptual Thinking
3 Ways to Boost Students’ Conceptual Thinking Coaching students to think in terms of concepts helps them understand how to apply their learning in the future. By Carla Marschall More)
Push and pull learning
Finland schools
At its party conference this week, Labour committed to follow Finland’s lead and (More)
ice breakers in class If you teach fully online, please share your favorite for ice breaker activit (More)
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