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why universal design
universal design for learning. 80 percent of the people who use captions are NOT deaf or hard of hearing (More)
screen capture on Apple +++++++++++++++++++++++ more on screen capture in this IMS blog More)
a comparison of tools  Please have a chart to compare coursecapture tool (More)
Loom screencast
Loom - Screencast on Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs http (More)
innovations in online learning
A survey conducted by the Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE): More)
innovation online ed
Is innovation severely lacking in online education? Laura Ascione, Managing Editor, Content Services, @eSN_Laura July 6th, 2017 More)
lecture capture on shoestring
8 Tips for Lecture Capture on a Shoestring By Dian Schaffhauser 05/17/17 https://campustechnology (More)
apps for tutorials
Tools and Apps for Creating Educational Tutorials (More)
Looking for free alternative to Snagit? Here is Greenshot.
Greenshot can do screen capture and it comes with an image editor that can enrich screenshots with annotation functions. It is a free alternative to snagit. Here is a link to the website of Greenshot. More)
information on lecture capture devices
this is a spread sheet from 2012. Please feel welcome to update / add / revise (More)
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