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Privacy & Security in Today’s Library
Privacy & Security in Today’s Library by Amigos Library Services The (More)
measuring library outcomes and value
THE VALUE OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES A Comprehensive Research Review and Report. Megan Oakleaf (More)
infographics library
Qualey, E. e. (2014). What Can Infographics Do for You?. AALL Spectrum, 18(4), 7-8. More)
academic library and student retention
Demonstrating academic library impact to faculty: a case study peer-review for the digital library perspective notes available upon request library data should focus on "impact", not "size" to engage faculty. +++++++++++++++++ more on attr (More)
Grant America for Bulgaria Proposal |Project Title The 21st Century Skills of the Academic Librarian in Bulgaria Applicant: Plamen Miltenoff, PhD, MLI (More)
DPLA aggregation webinar
DPLA aggregation webinar More)
university library future
Clash in the Stacks December 10, 2014, ByCarl Straumsheim More)
analytics on demand
Free Webinar: Driving Decisions With Data with More)
Large-scale visualization
The future of collaboration: Large-scale visualization  More)
library website content strategy
Developing a Website Content Strategy Instructor: Shoshana Mayden, Dates: July 3-28, 2017 Shoshana Mayden is a conten (More)
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