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bots and disinformation
Computer-generated humans and disinformation campaigns could soon take over political debate. Last year, researchers found that 70 countries ha (More)
digital fluency (More)
algorithm literacy
Report: Colleges Must Teach ‘Algorithm Literacy’ to Help Students Navigate Internet By Rebecca Koenig     Jan 16, 2020 More)
Facebook deep fake (More)
deepfake facebook (More)
reliable information sources
10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts More)
K12 media literacy
Report: Florida, Ohio called 'advanced leaders' in K-12 media literacy efforts Advocacy group Media Literacy Now says 14 states have laws with “some media-literacy language” and others will consider bills this year, but some say progress "is too slo (More)
Poland Prussia Russia
Poland under Russian & Prussian Rule - by History Hustle from r/history (More)
video games and social-emotional learning (More)
40 Chinese characters in 6 min (More)
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