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digital literacy ENGL 101
English 101 materials for discussion on digital literacy. Jamie Heiman. All materials on #DigitalLiteracy in the IMS blog here: https://blog.stcloudstat (More)
on media literacy
Martens, H., & Hobbs, R. (2015). How Media Literacy Supports Civic Engagement in a Digital Age. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 23(2), 120–137. More)
periodic table interactive map The Periodic Table of Elements, in Pictures and Words +++++++++++++ more on the periodic table in this iMS blo (More)
myths from countries
5 myths from around the world https://y (More)
ad-free Facebook
Ad-free Facebook? Would you pay for it? (More)
Storytellers Achieve Brand Awareness
******** ++++++++ register for the class: More)
multimedia in learning
Hacking Multimedia for Effective Learning THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018 | 1:00 PM CENTRAL | 60 MINUTES $247 PER CONNECTION THROUGH 05/10/18, $297 THEREAFTER More)
In memoriam: Avicii
Avicii Bergling took his name from the Buddhist term for hell, avīci (More)
"Spotify Saved Music. Can It Save Itself? -" via Digg (More)
split screen
split your screen on various devices: shortcuts (More)
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