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lessons with interactive 3D
BUILD A LESSON PLAN USING INTERACTIVE 3D FOR A CHANCE TO WIN CASH PRIZES Students love playing games like Fortnite. What if they could enjoy learning history, math, science, or social studies while they play and create? Epic Games invites seconda (More)
VR and languages +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ more on VR and languages in this IMS blog (More)
Virbela VR in ed
Want to see some amazing speakers like @valibrarian for free? Come out virtually at the @ISTE_VENetwork Mini Conf (More)
Lumen5 (More)
IM 690 VR and AR lab
IM 690 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. short link: IM 690 lab plan for Feb. 18, MC 205:  Experience VR and AR What is an "avatar" and why (More)
lockdown drills
About 95% of American public schools conduct some form of regular active shooter safety drill — sometimes called a lockdown or active threat drill — according to the National Center for Education (More)
Public Domain and Creative Commons Audio   (More)
Shared Kitchens and Soviet Politics
One thing that hopefully comes back under communism is the communal kitchen space in apartment blocks. Nobody actually needs their own kitchen, tbh — Rock Strongo (@_curlytrill) More)
Shark Tank grant podcast (More)
International Holocaust Remembrance Day (More)
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