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global population density
World in Population Density from r/MapPorn +++++++++++ more on geography in this IMS blog More)
debunk online myths
Everything's Worth A Fact-Check': Network Teaches Teens To Debunk Online Myths On top of debunking more than More)
recognizing deepfake
Reuters releases guide to recognizing deepfake profile photos from r/technology More)
tik tok privacy issues
Warning—Apple Suddenly Catches TikTok Secretly Spying On Millions Of iPhone Users from r/tec (More)
kpop (More)
Free Vectors, Stock Photos, PSD and Icons ++++++++++++ more on free images in this IMS blog More)
Best Practices of Online Pedagogy (More)
Immersive Journalism and Storytelling
My note: Consider these SCSU courses: LIB 490/590 Digital Storytelling and Virtual Reality: (More)
Critical Media Literacy ++++++++++++++++++ (More)
zoom fatigue
‘Zoom fatigue’ is taxing the brain. Here's why that happens. Video calls seemed an elegant solution to remote work, but they wear on the psyche in complicated ways. More)
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