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Poland Prussia Russia
Poland under Russian & Prussian Rule - by History Hustle from r/history (More)
video games and social-emotional learning (More)
40 Chinese characters in 6 min (More)
Fake Video Audio and the Election (More)
deepfake Zao (More)
AR in the classroom
Don’t miss this free @edwebnet webinar on Getting Started with #AugmentedReality in the Class (More)
Deepfake danger: what a viral clip of Bill Hader morphing into Tom Cruise tells us Are deepfakes a threat to democracy? The creator of a series of viral clips says he is raising awareness of their subversive potential Elle Hunt  Aug (More)
Library 2.0 Emerging Technologies
third Library 2.019 mini-conference: "Emerging Technology," which will be held online (and for free) on Wednesday, October 30th, from More)
Iris Murdoch on Storytelling
Iris Murdoch on Storytelling, Why Art Is Essential for Democracy, and the Key to Good Writing “A good society contains many different artists doing many different things. A bad society coerces artists because it knows that they can reveal all kinds (More)
ICT information and communication technology literacy
The Role of Librarians in Supporting ICT Literacy Lesley Farmer May 9, 2019, More)
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