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The Banality of Crimes against Migrants
The Banality of Crimes against Migrants (More)
Sea Prayer
Sea Prayer, a new virtual reality experience The night before a potentially fatal journey, a father reflects with his son on their life in Syria before the war – and their unknown future. Painted with Google Tilt Brush and written by More)
Germany for Germans
US Ad Agency with ties to Trump works with AfD (More)
refugees and forced migration (More)
conference Istanbul Turkey
REFUGEES AND FORCED IMMIGRATION '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Refugee and Forced Immigration Studies in Social Sciences, Humanities and Art SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2017 Istanbul, Turkey All of the presented papers will be publ (More)
paris france
The French, Coming Apart A social thinker illuminates his country’s populist divide. Christopher Caldwell Spring 2017 https://ww (More)
Muslim migrants Do Immigrants Threaten the West? (More)
farming migrants
Fearful Farmers Rush To Find 'Guest Workers' (More)
myth of migration
Much of What We Think We Know Is Wrong The debate over migration is plagued by a variety of inaccuracies and misunderstandings -- on both the right and the left. Here is what the research really shows. By Hein de Haas  More)
if the roles reverse
What if the roles reverse?... Erica, one of the students in HONS 221 posted this video, as our ongoing discussion about migration and ref (More)
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