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students technology employment
Technology Use Boosts Students’ Confidence in Their Job Prospects [#Infographic] Graduating seniors believe the technology skills they’ve acquired in college will help them start their careers. by More)
millennials employees
Want to Keep Your Millennial Employees? You Have To Be Willing to Offer Them This 1 Thing Pretty soon, this will be the standard. More)
library user
The Library in the Life of the User. Engaging with People Where They Live and Learn (More)
social media for anthropology
ANTH 101 with Kelly Branam Macauley Plamen Miltenoff: relevant classes I teach and might be of interest for you: More)
Library Technology Conference 2017
LibTechConf The Next Generation of Library Orientation: Please have a (More)
Netlix and HBO on VR
Netflix and HBO launch virtual reality apps on Google Play Jacob Siegal (More)
social media millennials
Reaching Millennials With Social Media: New Research By January 31, 2017 More)
digital citizenship videos
Videos about digital citizenship What is Digital Citizenship Digi (More)
countries with fastest Internet +++++++++++++++ more on Internet Speed in this IMS blo (More)
instagram best social media
Shipley, K. (2016, December 19). Why Instagram is the Best Social Media App of 2016 and Possibly 2017. Retrieved December 20, 2016, from More)
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