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Flipgrid new features Flipg (More)
SAMR personalized learning Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, th (More)
XR haptic gloves ++++++++++++++++++++ More on haptic in this IMS blog More)
influential tools for online learning
Online Learning’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Robert Ubell (Columnist)     Feb 20, 2019 (More)
gamification online learning
Gunawan, F. (2018). GAMIFICATION ANALYSIS AND IMPLEMENTATION IN ONLINE LEARNING. ICIC Express Letters, 12(12), 1195–1204. More)
smartphones technology behavior
Ellis, D. A. (2019). Are smartphones really that bad? Improving the psychological measurement of technology related behaviors. Computers in Human Behavior, 97  , 60-66 More)
SCSU Nursing Department VR Tour
bluetooth and surveillance
Did you know that companies use the Bluetooth capabilities on your phone to track your movements in retail stores, gyms, airports, and more? I didn't. Turning Bluetooth off doesn't stop them. (Re-tweeting because my last tweet contained an erro (More)
Sherry Turkle 2016 book
Sherry Turkle Says There’s a Wrong Way to Flip a Classroom By Jeffrey R. Young     Oct 13, 2016 More)
Oculus Quest
VR Review: Here’s How Oculus Quest Compares With Go — Apps and All By Jaime Donally (Columnist)     May 23, 2019 More)
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