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Code in Place free Python course
Stanford University's Computer Science department is holding a unique MOOC called 'Code in Place.' This is a free course to learn python. (More)
lessons with interactive 3D
BUILD A LESSON PLAN USING INTERACTIVE 3D FOR A CHANCE TO WIN CASH PRIZES Students love playing games like Fortnite. What if they could enjoy learning history, math, science, or social studies while they play and create? Epic Games invites seconda (More)
Virtual Worlds to SCSU faculty and students (More)
monitoring activities in Zoom
\Asking for a "friend," does anyone know if on a Zoom call whether the host can tell if you've navigated to another window - i.e., multi-tasking? I've heard of teachers threatening students with this capability. — Scott Kupor (@skupor) More)
Zuckerberg live about the next decade in tech in the Silicon Valley
F2F instruction preference (More)
phone camera for landscapes
Grab your gear. You're about to learn how to take epic landscape pics on your phone ⛰️ — CNET (@CNET) N (More)
social media for good
9 ways real students use social media for good Michael Niehoff  October 2, 2019 https://www.iste.o (More)
digitally native need computer help
The Smartphone Generation Needs Computer Help Young people may be expert social-media and smartphone users, but many lack the digital skills they need for today’s jobs. How can we set them up for success? More)
disruptive technologies: from swarming to mesh networking
How Hong Kong Protesters Are Connecting, Without Cell Or Wi-Fi (More)
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