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Of Mice and Men: iPads, smartboards and how we acquire technology for education
in the latest news about scandals regarding technology acquisition for schools, it is only fair to ask ourselves: how much involved do we WANT/NEED to be in the decision making process regarding such timely issue. How much do we need to educate ou (More)
unschooling revisited
Scott Jaschik. (2016). Freshman announces he’s dropping out of Kansas State and sets off debate on general education. Retrieved from More)
Clayton Christensen disruption theory
4 Keys to Understanding Clayton C (More)
social media collaborative learning
Zhang, X., Chen, H., Pablos, P. O. de, Lytras, M. D., & Sun, Y. (2016). Coordinated Implicitly? An Empirical Study on the Role of Social Media in Collaborative Learning. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 17( (More)
quiz platforms
Six Tools for Creating Classroom Quiz Games - A Comparison Chart (More)
online learning lingo
The Bewildering Language of Online Learning! Proportion of Content Delivered Online Type of Course Typical Description 0% Traditional Classroom-based teaching with assignments and activities which students pursue i (More)
more on badges
Badging: Not Quite the Next Big Thing While badging and digital credentialing are gaining acceptance in the business world and, to some extent, higher education, K-12 educators — and even students — are slower to see the value. By More)
value of higher ed
Chronicle releases report on how students, families look at value of higher ed (More)
textbook or not
Zaghab, R. W., & Beckenholdt, P. (2014, June). Textbook-Free Learning: A Framework for Critical Analysis. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on e-Learning: ICEL 2014 (p. 190). Academic Conferences Limited. More)
online collaborative tools
Google+ posting: 7 Tools for Hosting Online Brainstorming Sessions More)
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