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teachers discipline Foucault
I was beginning to think Foucault’s writings on the “disciplinary society” were becoming irrelevant. But then my niece started the 5th grade. Her teachers add and subtract behavioral points in an app shared with her mom. Note that she lost a point (More)
E-learning Technologies
Science and Technology Resources on the Internet E-learning Technologies April L. Colosimo Associate Librarian McGill University Library & Archives McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada More)
metacognition in learning
Don't just have students focus on *what* they should be learning, but also *how.* Great video from @edutopia to explain what that looks like: (More)
networked college (More)
power in the classroom
learning experience design
A call for more inter-campus networking on learning design: — Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander) More)
NewSchool Summit
As Charters Face Growing Opposition, NewSchools Summit Makes Its Case By Tony Wan     May 14, 2019 More)
Reconstructive Analysis
Carspecken’s (1996; 2007) reconstructive analysis procedures was performed. This analysis involves identifying meaning fields, validity horizons, sequence analysis, and role analysis. More)
School Board Members
Elected School Board Members Are Most Likely to Be White, Wealthy & Republican, New Study Finds KEVIN MAHNKEN | January 7, 2019 (More)
Badges and microcredentials
per Gail Ruhland (More)
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