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compensation for online
Compensation for creation of online courses ++++++++++++++++++++ I absolutely echo Kimber's notion that a team approach to course development can actually take longer, even when one of the team members is an instructional designer. Perhaps becaus (More)
21 century pedagogy +++++++++++++++ more on modern ped (More)
Teaching Critical Thinking
Teaching Critical Thinking: Some Practical Points By: More)
education issues around election and charter schools
Peter Greene: What This Election Means for Schools More)
Zygmunt Bauman Social media are a trap
Zygmunt Bauman: “Social media are a trap.”The Polish-born sociologist is skeptical about the possibilities for political change Ricardo de Querol  More)
augmented reality by ISTE
4 AR tools to build executive function and engagement Luis Perez and Kendra Grant 7/23/2015 Topics: Ass (More)
The Chronicle Vitae: There’s No Such Thing as Asynchronous Teaching
The Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae Columnist Nicole Matos published an insightful and interesting More)
digital humanities resources
Europeana Collections Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana Linked Op (More)
brain and learning more on learning and the brain in this blog: More)
theories of learning more on learning theories in this IMS blog:   (More)
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