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collaborative whiteboards
Collaborative Whiteboards NoteBookCast is a free whiteb (More)
leap motion
Leap Motion's new technology lets you reach out and touch things in VR +++++++++++++++ more on virtual re (More)
digital curation
Ungerer, L. M. (2016). Digital Curation as a Core Competency in Current Learning and Literacy: A Higher Education Perspective. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 17(5). More)
grant for VR
Iowa District to Use $54K Google Grant for VR Hardware By Sri Ravipati 11/ (More)
eportfolio conference
Re-Bundling Higher Education: High Impact ePortfolio Practice and the (More)
campus VR tour
Students Develop VR Campus Tour of Lehigh U By Sri Ravipati 11/28/16 (More)
storyboard in course authoring
Storyboarding: A Simple Way To Get Professional In Course Authoring 7 Tip To Get Started With Storyboarding Pick the tool you will be using for creating st (More)
davos class
The Davos Class http://civi (More)
Arduino basics
Get your Arduino basics: Write a program, build a circuit, solder a wire, here is where your Arduino journey begins! More)
IoT hack
My note: I listened to the report in my car yesterday. It is another sober reminder for being proactive rather then reactive (or punitive). We must work toward digital literacy and go beyond that comfortably numb stage of information literacy. A (More)
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