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choosing drones
Choosing drones ++++++++++++++++++++ more on drones in this IMS blog More)
collaborative whiteboards
Collaborative Whiteboards NoteBookCast is a free whiteb (More)
leap motion
Leap Motion's new technology lets you reach out and touch things in VR +++++++++++++++ more on virtual re (More)
digital curation
Ungerer, L. M. (2016). Digital Curation as a Core Competency in Current Learning and Literacy: A Higher Education Perspective. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 17(5). More)
grant for VR
Iowa District to Use $54K Google Grant for VR Hardware By Sri Ravipati 11/ (More)
eportfolio conference
Re-Bundling Higher Education: High Impact ePortfolio Practice and the (More)
campus VR tour
Students Develop VR Campus Tour of Lehigh U By Sri Ravipati 11/28/16 (More)
storyboard in course authoring
Storyboarding: A Simple Way To Get Professional In Course Authoring 7 Tip To Get Started With Storyboarding Pick the tool you will be using for creating st (More)
davos class
The Davos Class http://civi (More)
Arduino basics
Get your Arduino basics: Write a program, build a circuit, solder a wire, here is where your Arduino journey begins! More)
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