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the writing process
++++++++++++ more on writing in this IMS blog (More)
replacement for common phrases
+++++++++++++++ more on proofreading in this IMS blog (More)
Comma in a List
A Comma Story--video
The Case of a Misplaced Modifier--video
grammarly alternatives alternatives for proofreading, grammar and spelling checker, vocabulary uses, citation suggestions: More)
analytical essay are you a Pinterest user? Here is the link to the board with more materials of this kind: More)
APA citation +++++++++++++++ (More)
Found on Pinterest: - ++++++++++++++++++++ more on proofreading in this IMS blog More)
writing first draft I go to a quiet room, office, library or coffee shop. Depending on where I am, I brew/order a cup of coffee. I disconnect my computer from the internet. I put my phone in airplane m (More)
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