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Refugees: The Shared Story of Harry and Ahmed
Refugees: The Shared Story of Harry and Ahmed (More)
North Korea and China
China building network of refugee camps along border with North Korea (More)
Australia and refugees
Flanagan, R. (2017, November 24). Australia built a hell for refugees on Manus. The shame will outlive us all | Richard Flanagan. The Guardian. Retrieved from More)
Mosul Iraq
After the liberation of Mosul, an orgy of killing (More)
Slavenka Drakulic and Yugoslavia
Lessons learned from the demise of communism and the rise of nationalism in Yugoslavia (More)
Sea Prayer
Sea Prayer, a new virtual reality experience The night before a potentially fatal journey, a father reflects with his son on their life in Syria before the war – and their unknown future. Painted with Google Tilt Brush and written by More)
Refugee Code Week
Refugee Code Week: (More)
Germany for Germans
US Ad Agency with ties to Trump works with AfD (More)
refugees and forced migration (More)
conference Istanbul Turkey
REFUGEES AND FORCED IMMIGRATION '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Refugee and Forced Immigration Studies in Social Sciences, Humanities and Art SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2017 Istanbul, Turkey All of the presented papers will be publ (More)
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