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refugees and forced migration (More)
conference Istanbul Turkey
REFUGEES AND FORCED IMMIGRATION '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Refugee and Forced Immigration Studies in Social Sciences, Humanities and Art SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2017 Istanbul, Turkey All of the presented papers will be publ (More)
refugees italy
Refugees bring Italian village back to life   (More)
Rohingya Fleeing Myanmar
Rohingya Fleeing Myanmar Describe Military Tactic Of Systematic Rape April 13, 20175:02 AM ET )
killing fields of the Khmer Rouge
Hear survival stories of women who lived in the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge. An expert on the Cambodian Genocide of 1975-79 will give a lecture and facilitate a student workshop April 11-12 at St. Cloud State. Theresa de Langis is the cre (More)
if the roles reverse
What if the roles reverse?... Erica, one of the students in HONS 221 posted this video, as our ongoing discussion about migration and ref (More)
Immigration and Crime
New Study Found No Link Between Immigration and Increased Crime in Forty Years of Data February 15, 2017 http://sciencene (More)
Refugees in Ukraine
Domestic Refugees in UkraineWaiting Out the War The war in eastern Ukraine has uprooted hundreds of thousands of people, forcing them to flee from the constant shelling. Many of them have since found shelter, but they are yearning to return to their (More)
Julia Rainer discussion
Julia Rainer, a guest speaker at the HONS 221 Migration and Refugees in a Global World class tonight, Thursday, 5PM, MC 206. The guest speaker Julia Rainer, is the Austrian Yo (More)
Hungary border fence
Hungary starts building second, ’smart’ border fence
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