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Europe and the refugees (More)
Sexual abuse of detainees (More)
Tripoli migrant detention center
what is a refugee (More)
refugee girls (More)
Refugees Lybia
Refugees Suffer as Libya's Civil War Rages On As Libya descends into a bloody civil war, thousands of refugees are trapped in the crossfire. Some are forced to fight as mercenaries, while others are systematically raped, tortured or sold as slaves. (More)
climate change
This claim - that climate change is 'fueling' the migration and refugee crisis in Central America - has appeared a lot in the last year. Unfortunately, there is relatively little data to support this. Thread ... 1/ More)
Carne y Arena
p. 79 Every Hollywood studio you can imagine-21st Century Fox, Paramount, Warner Bross.-Has already invested in virtual reality. They have made VR experiences based on their own movies, like interstellar or ghost in the Shell, and they have invested (More)
an advocate for refugees
A Private War (2018), movie about Marie Colvin Coverin (More)
education refugee girls
Refugee Girls Want to Change the World. Will We Let Them? Although cultural tides are shifting, a lack of educational resources and opportunities makes it hard for girls to reach their potential. Sarah Butrymowicz, The Hechinger ReportĀ  Jan 7, (More)
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