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can a blog be a library web page
Yes it can and I, Plamen Miltenoff, am trying to convince my esteemed colleagues and administration at LRS to consider educause blog hosted at SCSU as the main vehicle for information. Main consideration is that integrated the blog (as social media) (More)
How Students and Schools Use Snapchat
College students love snapchat! It\'s personal, creative, quick, fun, and free.  \"According to research by much as 77 per (More)
Backchannel: is it only K12 moving that direction?
backchannel -- a digital conversation that runs concurrently with a face-to-face activity -- provides students with an outlet to engage in conversation. In a recent artic (More)
Stop Using LinkedIn like Facebook
Ten signs you\'re using LinkedIn like Facebook (and how to stop) 1. A profile picture that won\'t ge (More)
social media in the library
Experts as facilitators for the implementation of social media in the library Vanwynsberghe, H. )., Boudry, E. )., Verdegem, P. )., & Vanderlinde, R. ). (2014). Experts as facilitators for the implementation of social media in the library? A soc (More)
SCSU Tech Survey
2015.02.13 ITS TechFeeSurvey2014 Presentation Q14 What technology devices you currently own? Q15 What te (More)
Discussion Boards, Blogs and Wikis
Differences between Discussion Boards, Blogs and Wikis More)
boost Facebook post
Boost Your Posts -----Original Messag (More)
research with social media
Doctoral Cohorts and Research using Social Media Explore social media sites to find out what is the most pertinent “talk” in your scientific community. What are the latest trends and discussions, topics of research and interests. Most prominent soci (More)
Visual Social Marketing
Visual Social Marketing 101 (More)
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