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bonus point oppty (More)
Paul Signorelli
Future Trends Forum with Special Guest Paul Signorelli February 23, 2:00 – 3:00pm (EST) Future Trends Forum hosted (More)
social media research toolkit
thank you, Greg Jorgensen, an excellent list of tools for analytics + excellent background info (price, social media tools served, output format Social Media Research Toolkit - Peer Tested & Peer Reviewed (More)
Podium by Hootsuite
Podium by Hootsite advertises itself as "Free Social Media Education," yet it is not entirely free. Indeed, the materials are freely available, but the cer (More)
social media 2017
12 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017 From the Pros   February 15, 2017 More)
sharing bibliography with refworks
Folks, I am reading your due #assignments on the More)
Quality of writing your D2L discussions
Folks, here some tips to improve your writing (and grade), considering the #D2LDiscussionRubric shared with you in the beginning of this class: More)
how to social media for promotion
How to use social media for promotion (More)
social media and community opinion
Ijcsis, J. of C. S., Suryani, M., Ghani, J., & Suryani, M. (2016). IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON CLOSED COMMUNITY BY CONSIDERING OPINION MINING. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, 14(11), 944–954. Last retrieved (More)
Gender, Race, and the Media
When researching for some more information to help me in my research project, I came upon this great article that illustrated and pointed out some key concepts when talking about gender, race, and the media. In my opinion, the media has played a larg (More)
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