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Snapchats Revealed
Most people are familiar with the app known for creating stories, sending up to 10 second photos, or short video clips, and having the image/video vanish after opening. This app, known as Snapchat, has raised some controversy when, in certain situati (More)
Online Privacy???
In today's society there are thousands of millions of online sites all collecting information from each and every user. Recent browsing history, credit card numbers, locations, access to other online accounts, and countless other facts. The majority (More)
social media in your course
8 Things You Should Know before Using Social Media in Your Course Jennifer Rafferty, Director, OLC Institute for Professional Development,  April 10, 2017 More)
Unfortunately, I have to make this blog rather quick due to a personal emergency. I found an article that states why copyright protection is important because that is what our main focus is this week. Take a look at the article and let me know why yo (More)
14 obsolete trends in 21 century schools
14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools Posted by More)
Importance of Copyright Laws
In today's society, there are millions of images, videos, music tracks, and other pieces of art that thousands of people have created. Unfortunately, many people look past the laws of copyrights and use the image or video for their own personal use- (More)
teaching age social media
Teaching in the age of social media Engaging with students – both inside and outside the classroom – who are continually linked in to social media and online devices presents a range of opportunities, challenges and pitfalls. By DAVID SMITH | Apr (More)
Story-Telling App
A newer story telling app that comes with an Adobe account called Adobe Slate. "Named App Store Editors’ Choice, Adobe Slate lets you turn your next newsletter, report, invitation, or travel adventure into a gorgeous visual story that delights reader (More)
How to Tell a Story Using Social Media
Below I have attached a link that goes over about 20 creative ways in which someone can create a story using social media. Because most social media users will try to keep their images exciting, and their text short, it can sometimes be difficult to (More)
social media and altmetrics
Sugimoto, C. R., Work, S., Larivière, V., & Haustein, S. (2016). Scholarly use of social media and altmetrics: a review of the literature. Retrieved from More)
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