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Using Social Media for my Career
As most of you know from previous blogs, I am majoring in Mass Communication. Originally, I came to St. Cloud State University to do broadcast, however I discovered my real passion is behind the camera instead. After a lot of reflection and thought, (More)
Social Media Metrics
Folks, after about a month of learning and contemplating our #socialmediastrategy, you now have build your little social media empire (consisting mainly of your blog and Facebook tools). You used wisely #hashtags to promote your content. It is time (More)
social media metrics
10 Metrics to Track for Social Media Success By  November 8, 2016 More)
social media for anthropology
ANTH 101 with Kelly Branam Macauley what is social media from anthropological point of view? The medium is the messengers. (2016, March 5). The Economist. Retrieved from More)
WordPress and Google Docs for Google Docs lets you edit in Docs and publish in WordPress by )
#folksonomy since most of you will not return to the D2L M6 Discussi (More)
Children and Makeup In my opinion, children are learning through the media that in order to be pretty, one must "doll themselves up" by wearing coats of makeup. When I grew up, makeup was an interest of mine and I always wanted to try it. (More)
YouTube Uploads
For my LIB 290 class, I had to create a short clip about anything relating to social media and the world. I used Adobe Premiere Clip to create this video. I also linked a longer video I made using the same application but it relates to my global issu (More)
One of the most interesting types of YouTube videos I like to watch is transformations (before and after). This could be before and after makeup tutorials, before and after weight loss transformations, or in this case, before and after Victoria Secre (More)
Video Blogging
Video Blogging: How to Create Consistent YouTube Content (More)
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