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Stacks CMS for libraries
EBSCO Launches Content Management System for Libraries By Leila Meyer 09/2 (More)
ALA resources for social media in libraries
Social media basics: Engaging your library users (More)
Twitter Social Media Analytics
4 Ways to Use Facebook and Twitter Analytics to Improve Your Marketing By More)
strategic planing social media libraries
A Mor (More)
Quality Videos Quickly
Video Production: How to Create Quality Videos Quickly By More)
surveying social media use on campus
SurveyMonkey templates to be used as directional for surveying students on campus and their use of social media: More)
Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will Change the World
As you may be aware that TERI is a global think-tank knowledge driven organisation working in the field of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. TERI is organising it’s one of the flagship event ICDL 2016 from 13 to 16 December, 2016 at (More)
Zygmunt Bauman Social media are a trap
Zygmunt Bauman: “Social media are a trap.”The Polish-born sociologist is skeptical about the possibilities for political change Ricardo de Querol  More)
students privacy and social media The proposed social media privacy law, scheduled to be considered by the state Senate Wednesday, bars any institution from asking or requiring an applicant or enrolled stu (More)
social media and democracy
The biggest threat to democracy? Your social media feed Vyacheslav PolonskiNetwork Scientist, Oxford Internet Institute More)
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