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Technology Instruction available free
Student\'s relationship with technology is complex. They recognize its value but still need guidance when it comes to better using it for academics. More)
social media and freedom of speech
the use of social media, personal versus institutional, or personal in the context of an institutional repercussions, is a complex and thorny issue. How much can one criticize the institution in their personal social media? And if the institution res (More)
social media usage
Social Media Update 2014   The 13 Most Popular Social Networks (By Age Gro (More)
social media and dating
Tinder Would Rather Not Be Mentioned Alongside Chlamydia, Thanks (More)
SMS as Disrupter to Social Media
How SMS is a Disrupter to Social Media Email and Social media as (More)
sociology and social media
Plan for presentation on social media impact in a \"sociology and family\" class. Zuo, Jiping <> \"Media, Technology, Market, and Cosmopolitan Communities\" https://kahoot. (More)
twitter audience
6 Steps to Finding Your Twitter Audience smart tools, six steps... 1. Target keywor (More)
social media and critical thinking
Does social media make room for critical thinking? social media critical th (More)
social media administration
LITA discussion thread on how social media should be run at an academic library: Very much different from where I am at. But that\'s not new, I have voiced the fallacies often in the last 5 years rather frequently. From: (More)
Instagram beyond square
Instagram just introduced the feature everyone\'s been asking for (More)
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