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trolls explained
YouTube +++++++++++++++++ Twitter ++++++++++++++++ Facebook +++++++++++++++++ Reddit +++++++++++++ m (More)
Twitter Saudi
Two well-liked Twitter employees accessed thousands of users’ private information and illegally passed it to the Saudi Royal Family, per the FBI. It is a crazy story. With many twists and turns, including a fake invoice, an escape from SF, and m (More)
Zuckerberg live about the next decade in tech in the Silicon Valley
Shark Tank grant podcast (More)
Vietnam cybercrime law
Vietnam's battalions of 'cyber-armies' silencing online dissent from r/TechNewsTodayMore)
fake news prevention PISA scores were More)
Facebook deep fake (More)
deepfake facebook (More)
six blog platforms ++++++++++ m (More)
Wikipedia Turkey (More)
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