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manufacturing consent (More)
social media algorithms
How algorithms impact our browsing behavior? browsing history? What is the connection between social media algorithms and fake news? Are there topic-detection algorithms as they are community-detection ones? How can I change the content of a [Go (More)
wikipedia adventure
the Wikipedia Adventure +++++++++++ more on wikipedia in this IMS blog (More)
blogging for Confucius Institute
Minutes from the Oct 17 meeting: Rozairo elevate me to admin for the blog Install Skype for Business Wechat Kathy et al create an "SCSU" account - pls invite Plamen to that account Plamen - install Wechat and use to asses and share (More)
disruptive technologies: from swarming to mesh networking
How Hong Kong Protesters Are Connecting, Without Cell Or Wi-Fi NetworksMore)
code4lib 2018
Code2LIB February 2018 2018 Preconference Voting 10. The Virtualized Library: A Librarian's Introduction to Docker and Virtual Machines This sess (More)
bootstrap social media libraries
35th Anniversary Program – Fall 2017 Indiana Online User Group More)
Pre-Gamification for Adult Beginners: Minecraft, Facebook, Kano Computer Kit, (and WeChat)” - Instructional Implications for HIgher Education kano computer kit. Comparable with RaspberryPi and Arduino s (More)
social media branding monopoly man
How Monopoly Man Won The Internet October 6, 201712:07 PM ET )
social media choice for nonprofit
How to Choose the Right Social Media for Your Nonprofit October 4, 2017 Wayne Elsey (More)
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