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app smashing
My note: #appsmashing must be the evolution of the ~ 2010 #mashup from: More)
VR chemistry
MEL Science Launches Virtual Reality Chemistry Lessons By Richard Chang 06 (More)
University of Michigan Commercializes Gameful Learning Tool By Rhea Kell (More)
cartoons humor learning
Creating Cartoons to Spark Engagement, Learning my note: Avoid using infographics for purposes, which toodoo can serve. Infographics are f (More)
Higher Ed Falls Short
Report: Americans Value College Degrees But Say Higher Ed Falls Short on Delivering Promises By More)
humanize online ed +++++++++++++++++++++++++ more on online (More)
young vs old millennials
Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old Millennial By   April 24, 2017 More)
TPR presentation
Presentation to TPR (Technology and Pedagogy Roundtable), April 19, 2017 WSB 335 | short link: My name is Plamen Miltenoff and I am faculty (http:// (More)
WebVR experiments
Google Cardboard Users Can Now Play WebVR Experiments By Sri Ravipati  04/ (More)
instructional design models More)
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