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MinnState Microcredentialing Grant (More)
SAMR model
The SAMR model lays out 4 tiers of online learning: substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition. — edutopia (@edutopia) More)
Learning analytics adoption in Higher Education
SoLAR Webinar "Learning analytics adoption in Higher Education: Reviewing six years of experience at Open University UK" presented by Prof. Bart Rienties from the Open University, The United Kingdom. To register, go to More)
museums worth visiting in VR
10 Museums We Recommend You Visit (Using Virtual Reality) (More)
Zoom into Jeopardy game
Use this handy Google Slides template to turn your next Zoom session into a Jeopardy game. Big thanks to @ericcurts for creating & sharing it with a CC-BY-NC license and to More)
VR sketching +++++++++++++++ more on VR in this IMS blog< (More)
online tools for teaching and learning
Online Tools for Teaching & Learning – Designed by students in EDUC 595A at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (More)
app to phone scan pages to PDF
Borrowed from the Higher Ed Learning Collective FB group: iOS (Apple): More)
student support online learning
10 Tips to Support Students in a Stressful Shift to Online Learning By Kelly Field MARCH 30, 2020  https://www.chronicle.c (More)
Remote UX Work: Guidelines and Resources capture qualitative insights from video recordings and think-aloud narration from users:  More)
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