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ISTE standards for students More)
cultural differences
Chinese, Americans Truly See Differently, Study Says John Roach for National Geographic NewsAugust 22, 2005 More)
Dunning–Kruger effect
Dunning–Kruger effect More)
Cultivating Awareness and Resilience for Educators
Why Teachers Say Practicing Mindfulness Is Transforming The Work (More)
student inquiry
Type of Student Inquiry< (More)
Online Students Need More Interaction
Online Students Need More Interaction with Peers and Teachers [#Infographic] New research shows online learners are seeking more interaction, mobile device support and career services. university administrators want to make sure their More)
snapchat leading social media app
Snapchat is still the network of choice for U.S. teens — and Instagram is Facebook’s best shot at catching up Good news, Snap investors. By Kurt Wagner Dec 16, 2017, 10:07am EST More)
students and etext
Student Engagement with E-Texts: What the Data Tell Us by Serdar Abaci, More)
International Conference on Learning Athens Greece
Twenty-fifth International Conference on Learning 2018 Special Focus: Education in a Time of Austerity and Social Turbulence  21–23 June 2018 University of Athens, Athens, Greece More)
IT issues in 2018
EDUCAUSE: The top 10 IT issues in 2018 BY MERIS STANSBURY November 6th, 2017 (More)
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