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use of laptops phones in the classroom
Why I’m Asking You Not to / Use Laptops ++++++++++ against: ++++++++++++++++ Supiano, B. (2019, April 7). Digital Distraction Is a Problem Far Beyond the Classroom. But Professors Can Still Help. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved fro (More)
Bug-in-Ear Coaching
With Bug-in-Ear Coaching, Teachers Get Feedback on the Fly By February 26, 2019 More)
iSELF 2019 Symposium
Facebook: (More)
the tendency of an organization to imitate another organization's structure because of the belief the structure of the latter organization is beneficial More)
Innovative Pedagogy
Rebecca Ferguson Senior lecturer in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at The Open University in the UK Senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy TODAY, Thursday at 1:00 PM CT More)
The College Fear Factor
Equity Book Group & D2L Brightspace Course A Professional Development Opportunity for All Faculty and Staff What: Statewide opportunity to read, discuss, interact, share and learn with a book on a topic of interest and relevance for our wor (More)
Six Leadership Lessons
Six Leadership Lessons From Harvard's "Girl President" Drew Gilpin Faust Cami Anderson Jan 10, 2019 More)
New Leaders program
Study: Schools with principals from New Leaders program show higher student learning gains K-8 students with the same principal, who was trained by the nonprofit, for at least three years get higher math and English language arts scores than those w (More)
ELI webinar AI and teaching
ELI Webinar | How AI and Machine Learning Shape the Future of Teaching (More)
schools in Estonia
Q&A: School success in Estonia Rebecca Vukovic Oct 11, 2018 More)
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