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leaders make feel safe
Why good leaders make you feel safe - Simon Sinek (More)
rebranding assessment
Rebranding Student Learning Assessment By: More)
students technology employment
Technology Use Boosts Students’ Confidence in Their Job Prospects [#Infographic] Graduating seniors believe the technology skills they’ve acquired in college will help them start their careers. by More)
social media in your course
8 Things You Should Know before Using Social Media in Your Course Jennifer Rafferty, Director, OLC Institute for Professional Development,  April 10, 2017 More)
academic freedom
What is academic freedom? Paul Axelrod3 avril 2017   http://policyoptions.irpp (More)
teaching age social media
Teaching in the age of social media Engaging with students – both inside and outside the classroom – who are continually linked in to social media and online devices presents a range of opportunities, challenges and pitfalls. By DAVID SMITH | Apr (More)
use of laptops in the classroom
Why I’m Asking You Not to Use Laptops against: By Jack Grove Twitter: More)
learning out of comfort zone
Learning Outside Your Comfort Zone By:  March 22nd, 2017 More)
student engagement
Three Ways to Engage Students In and Outside the Classroom By:  March 20th, 2017  More)
Koch brothers and higher ed
Here are some excerpts regarding Koch brothers' attempts to influence higher education: http://www.dailykos.c (More)
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