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Algorithmic Test Proctoring
Our Bodies Encoded: Algorithmic Test Proctoring in Higher Education SHEA SWAUGER 02 APRIL 2020 ED-TECH More)
Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning
The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning by Charles HodgesMore)
Fukuyama Identity Politics
Francis Fukuyama: Identity politics The demand for dignity and the nation state’s future (More)
Empathy, Compassion, and Understanding
Let's be real for a moment, the majority of us tend to get short with individuals after telling someone something for the 10th time. I know I have in the past and I have to remind myself while we might know something and it comes naturally for us (More)
Bryan Alexander's analysis of the the situation with Corona Virus and Higher Ed has wide response on Twitter: What does #COVID-19 mean for More)
Equalizing Power with Students
There are many directions this post could take. While I intend, in the future, to reflect on ESL resources and academic articles written about working with English Language Learners (ELL), for this first post, I wanted to discuss the impact ELL stude (More)
Teaching and Learning + Student Success
EDUCAUSE Academic Communities: Teaching and Learning + Student Success https://events.ed (More)
TESL Adventures
Welcome to TESL Adventures! TESL is short for Teaching English as a Second Language. Our blog will explore different experiences of working with English language learners (ELLs). Along with our experiences, we will share tips, resources, and articles (More)
Education and New Developments 2019
International Conference on Education and New Developments 2019 27 to 29 of June, 2020 – Zagreb, Croatia More)
video 360 faculty assessment
Jones, C., Watkins, F., Williams, J., Lambros, A., Callahan, K., Lawlor, J., … Atkinson, H. (2019). A 360-degree assessment of teaching effectiveness using a structured-videorecorded observed teaching exercise for faculty development. Medical Educati (More)
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