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Six Leadership Lessons
Six Leadership Lessons From Harvard's "Girl President" Drew Gilpin Faust Cami Anderson Jan 10, 2019 More)
New Leaders program
Study: Schools with principals from New Leaders program show higher student learning gains K-8 students with the same principal, who was trained by the nonprofit, for at least three years get higher math and English language arts scores than those w (More)
ELI webinar AI and teaching
ELI Webinar | How AI and Machine Learning Shape the Future of Teaching (More)
schools in Estonia
Q&A: School success in Estonia Rebecca Vukovic Oct 11, 2018 More)
The Show Horse and the Plow Horse Leadership
Leadership: The Show Horse and the Plow Horse Published on December 20, 2018 Caleb Gipple when I say show horse leadership I am not describing an arrogant leader patting themselves on the back for a moment of leadership. Instead, I am describing (More)
good boss
Good Bosses Remember to Do These 11 Things Every Day The best bosses become mentors, and take time to teach others. More)
team teaching
When a special education teacher and a regular classroom teacher are teamed in the classroom, they can multiply each other’s strengths. Here’s a look at a successful co-teaching partnership: (More)
Your Students Forgot Everything On Your PowerPoint Slides
Why Your Students Forgot Everything On Your PowerPoint Slides By Mary Jo Madda (Columnist)     Jan 19, 2015 More)
rural principals
The big jobs of small-town principals Rural school leaders have some of the most complex roles in education — and some of the highest attrition by More)
SPED teachers needed
Why is it so hard to figure out how many special education teachers are employed in each state? Because the employment figures that states submit to the federal government are sometimes wildly wrong. (More)
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