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quantum computer +++++++++ more on quantum computing in this IMS blog More)
Apple AR glass 2020
Apple AR glasses ready for 2020 launch, top analyst says (More)
SIM jacker
+++++++++ more on hackers in this IMS blog (More)
++++++++++++ more on WiFI 6 in this IMS blog (More)
digital media misinformation
Digital Media Has a Misinformation Problem—but It's an Opportunity for Teaching. Jennifer Sparrow    Dec 13, 2018 More)
deepfake Zao (More)
5G vs WiFi6
5G is great, but this Wi-Fi upgrade will provide double the range, triple the speed and better reliability — CNET (@CNET) More)
SAMR personalized learning Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, th (More)
VR camera +++++++++ more on VR cameras in this IMS blog (More)
XR haptic gloves ++++++++++++++++++++ More on haptic in this IMS blog More)
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