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eportfolio as a process
4 things you should know about digital portfolios BY MATT RENWICK December 6th, 2018 (More)
Blockchain next election
Blockchain Disciples Have a New Goal: Running Our Next Election Amid vote-hacking fears, election officials are jumping on the crypto bandwagon — but cybersecurity experts are sounding an alarm )
Bitcoin explained through Pokemon
Explaining Bitcoin with Pokemon cards More)
VR and autonomous vehicles ++++++++ more on VR in this IMS blog More)
impact of big data   (More)
Hololens in academic library
Blurred Lines—between virtual reality games, research, and education p. 5 a LibGuide was created that provided a better description of the (More)
Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference
Accessing Higher Ground - Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference Virtual Agenda November 14-16, 2018 ++++++++++++++++++ Not So Fast: Implementing Accessibility Reviews in a University’s IT Software Review Process Crystal Tenan, IT Ac (More)
technology requirements for librarians job samples
also academic technology Data Visualization Designer and Consultant for the Arts Lecturer The University Libraries of Virginia Tech seeks a specialist to join a team offering critical and sophisticated new technology development serv (More)
VR training workers
I explored the inside of a human nose and it convinced me that the real business in VR isn't gaming, it's all about training workers More)
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