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Role of the Chief Academic Technology Officer
K12 principals and vendors (More)
Shark Tank grant badge comparison
According to the this Colorado Community College System comprehensive white paper: (More)
Virtual Reality Health Risks
What Researchers Want Teachers to Know About Virtual Reality’s Health Risks By Jenny Abamu     Feb 16, 2018 More)
Hololens 2 ++++++++++++++ (More)
edtech implementation failures
5 All-Too-Common Ways Edtech Implementations Fail Chris Liang-Vergara and More)
zSpace and Labster zSpace is a technology firm based in Sunnyvale, California that combine elements of virtual and augmented reality in a computer. zSpace allows people to interact wi (More)
a technologically literate graduate
Profile of a technologically literate graduate By Jorge Valenzuela 1/7/2019 When (More)
Online course, storytelling, data
Online Course | A Thousand Words and a Picture: Storytelling with Data (More)
Literature on Digital Humanities
Burdick, A. (2012). Digital humanities . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. More)
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