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digital literacy for SOE students
Digital literacy for SOE students Class ED 610 Introduction to Curriculum and Instruction Summer 2018 Instructor:     Hsuehi(Martin) Lo short link to this session: http://bit.l (More)
transform education via digital tools
Digital tools can transform, not just replicate, the teaching and learning experience Commentary: The SAMR and TPACK models of technology implementation can help schools as they transition to using more digital tools. By EdScoop Staff  MAY 8, 2018  (More)
issues with live streaming social media ++++++++++++++++ more on Facebook Live in this IMS blog (More)
Is VR Getting Better
Watch Is VR Getting Better? An (More)
Headphones Damage Hearing (More)
Overselling of Education Technology
The Overselling of Education Technology By Alfie Kohn     Mar 16, 2016 More)
screen capture on Apple +++++++++++++++++++++++ more on screen capture in this IMS blog More)
VR humor
online collaborative tools
Google+ posting: 7 Tools for Hosting Online Brainstorming Sessions More)
ed leadership and edtech
Edtech playground: Helping teachers choose better tools By Nicole Krueger Leadership More)
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