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Ethermap More)
blockchain against college admissions scandal (More)
Russia disconnect Internet
Russia 'successfully tests' its unplugged internet 24 December 2019 "Increasingly, authoritarian (More)
digital literacy for SOE students
Digital literacy for SOE students Class ED 610 Introduction to Curriculum and Instruction Summer 2018 Instructor:     Hsuehi(Martin) Lo short link to this session: h (More)
AI and cybersecurity
+++++++++++++++++++++ more on AI in this IMS blog (More)
AI laptops
AI is coming to a laptop near you — CNET (@CNET) November 14, 2019 More)
Students Data Privacy
What Happens to Student Data Privacy When Chinese Firms Acquire U.S. Edtech Companies? By Jenny Abamu     Apr 24, 2018 More)
phone camera for landscapes
Grab your gear. You're about to learn how to take epic landscape pics on your phone ⛰️ — CNET (@CNET) N (More)
In the Age of AI 13 min 40 sec = Wechat 14 min 60 sec = data is the new oil and China is the new Saudi Arabia 18 min 30 sec = social credit and facial (More)
1967 technology
Educational film from 1967 predicts the tech we use today. from r/Damn (More)
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