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ban tik tok
25 US Congress members urge President Donald Trump to follow India's lead and ban TikTok from More)
in house made library counters
LITA listserv exchange on "Raspberry PI Counter for Library Users" On 7/10/20, 10:05 AM, " on behalf of Hammer, Erich F" < on behalf of> wrote: Jason, I think tha (More)
security doorbell cameras
College student finds privacy flaw in many security and doorbell cameras. from r/gadgets +++ (More)
Python, Julia, Go, Rust
As Python’s lifetime grinds to a halt, a hot new competitor is emerging (More)
stand alone hardware for college VR environments (More)
Internet speed
my note: what does Ajit Pai and his war against #netneutrality have to say about it: (More)
MinnState Covid 19 grant
with Dr. Kannan Sivaprakasam. Accumulate resources: Java Script free online books (More)
the necessity for ed instructional designers
To support the needs of our amazing students, #CACommunityColleges pls invest in hiring instructional designers, accessibility support & more profess (More)
computer for college htt (More)
salary programming languages (More)
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