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zSpace and Labster zSpace is a technology firm based in Sunnyvale, California that combine elements of virtual and augmented reality in a computer. zSpace allows people to interact wi (More)
a technologically literate graduate
Profile of a technologically literate graduate By Jorge Valenzuela 1/7/2019 When (More)
Online course, storytelling, data
Online Course | A Thousand Words and a Picture: Storytelling with Data (More)
Literature on Digital Humanities
Burdick, A. (2012). Digital humanities . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. More)
Russia disconnect Internet
Russia Is Considering An Experiment To Disconnect From The Internet February 11, 20194:50 PM ET  SASHA INGBER More)
Unity to go public in 2020 (More)
learn blockchain by building one
Learn Blockchains by Building One The fastest way to learn how Blockchains work is to build one More)
ethics and exact sciences
University Data Science Programs Turn to Ethics and the Humanities By Sydney Johnson     Jan 11, 2019 More)
music literacy
The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality) Jon Henschen | August 16, 2018 |  529,478 More)
foldable screen (More)
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